Two Tinseltown insiders joined the team this week to tell their riveting stories. Kicking things off was former personal assistant to actor Tom Cruise, Maritza Moolman, and then make-up artist Eileen Kastner.


Martiza’s work on five-star cruise ships resulted in her being hand-selected by Tom’s then wife, Katie Holmes, to join the family in 2011. Who would have thought that her days on the seas would have been equipping her to be on the ‘Mission Impossible’ star’s beck and call? She had many experiences to retell including personalising waking Mr C up, organising a trip for Katie and daughter Suri to a milkshake factory and even booking out entire floors during hotel stays. Maritza took the team behind the velvet rope as she also explained how it was like to be the only member of the Cruise team who wasn’t a Scientologist and how important trust was in her profession.


On the other hand, Eileen, who’s also an expert in special effects, has many successful clients and movies under her belt – sculpting T-Rex’s in ‘Jurassic Park’, working on Arnold Schwarzenegger in ‘Terminator 2’ and collaborating with Johnny Depp on ‘Edward Scissorhands’. It’s no wonder that she’s been part of two Academy Award-winning teams in the past 29 years. What does she think of Natalie Portman? What secret of Angelina Jolie’s did she know before the public? And what brings her to South Africa? She reveals this all too.


Hear all that these talented ladies had to say below:




The Gareth Cliff Show has Hollywood fever!

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