He’s one of South Africa’s most-loved musicians yet you’ve never heard his story like this before – Hip Hop Pantsula (HHP), real name Jabulani Tsambo, gave Gareth Cliff an update on his recent happenings including revealing the stunning details of attempted suicides and setting the record straight on his much-publicised relationship with Lerato Sengadi.


In the midst of discussing his new found frankness, the Motswako hitmaker attributed it to the lesson he learned after trying to attempt suicide three times in 2015. From not feeling true validation from the work that he was doing, HHP planned to end his life by joining a website to assist his death and poisoning himself with carbon monoxide in his car, and even using helium. After the failed tries, he heard a voice tell him “If you really want to die, you need to live”. Now he’s inspired to speak out on what truly matters to him. On new work he says, “I wanna be that guy who talks about love, who swears, who smokes weed.” He’s now unafraid to speak on what he’s truly passionate about.


So now what does this new lease on life mean for Jabba Man? Wedding bells! After much buzz and speculation surrounding the possible relationship between him and former Big Brother Africa housemate Lerato, HHP cleared up the rumours on the pair already being married. He simply confirmed that they are in fact together and see marriage in their future.


Hear HHP also discuss why he’s left Twitter, his relationship with the mother of his son and working on new music and television projects, below:



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HHP on life, death, love…and more