South African jazz and Afro-pop songstress Judith Sephuma had great stories and amazing lessons to share from her extraordinary life, but there was one in particular which she told Gareth Cliff that had us stumped and laughing out loud.


As she chronicled her journey moving to Johannesburg, the A Cry, A Smile, A Dance crooner let slip that she spent a month of her early days living with Brenda Fassie!


This all happened in the early 90s as MaBrr took Judith under her wing and into her home during her height of success. Judith stated that living with the singer was far from dull. “She was mad! That entire month was a ‘make or break’ moment for my career. Living with her, I had to work with her and made money for the first time in my life.”


It was a great learning curve for the artist because she got to observe the legend at work and see the reality of the industry.


Find out more on this exciting chapter of her life plus so much more, including how she co-parents with fellow musician Selaelo Selota and dealing with her weight, below.



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“She was mad!” – Judith Sephuma on living with Brenda Fassie