Oprah Winfrey subtly had the best reaction after being confused for Whoopi Goldberg on a tweet by Total Beauty (below).



After the original tweet was posted with a picture of Whoopi Goldberg, the media mogul took to BFF Gayle King’s Instagram page to address the situation. Sitting on a couch with goddaughter Kirby Bumpus, we can only describe the Queen of Talk’s facial expression as “WTF!?!” as she poses with a phone with the infamous tweet pictured.



Good for you, Mam’O! Good for you!

Hear Arye Kellman and the men of the Gentlemen’s Round Table speak about the 88th Annual Academy Awards where actor Leonardo DiCaprio finally won an Oscar, the Metro FM Awards and how artists get treated, as well as the Ultra Music Festival that Mangi attended over the weekend.


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Oprah has the best reaction to Whoopi confusion