Move aside Beyoncé and Shakira – we have Tumi and Mabale and they mean business!


After trying to take a simple picture for their latest podcast turned into a full-on photoshoot, we couldn’t help but see the comparison between the Sipping Tea hosts and Beautiful Liar songstresses.




Here are five reasons why we love Tumi and Mabale more than Beyoncé and Shakira:


1. They explained the Golden Rule for dealing with Number 2s in front of your partner – PODCAST here.
2. Tumi can keep us laughing for hours…
3. Mabale is the rose amongst the thorns on The Gareth Cliff Show.
4. If they bottled their sass, it would sell like hot cakes on the shelves.
5. Have you listened to their show!?!


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Step aside Beyonce & Shakira – Tumi & Mabale are here!