It seems like the dust has finally settled as the country now slowly begins to move on from the recent Penny Sparrow headlines – but now up-and-coming rapper Lebogang Yende is bringing the cause back and has a few issues to deal with.



Hailing all the way from Durban, the artist premiered his new song, We Are All Monkeys to confront the racial issues that have plagued South Africa recently.

Stopping by The Gareth Cliff Show this morning with his girlfriend and fellow musician Marilyn, Lebogang said, “When I look back at it, you know, our cradle of mankind, it’s in Africa. We’re all related in some form hence why I said we’re all the same.”

The 29-year-old artist is trying to start the conversation for unity, love and peace rather than the spirit of hatred that has surrounded many citizens and headlines lately. The song has certainly raised some eyebrows already but you make your own decisions about it – listen to the song below:



For the full interview listen below:



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We Are All Monkeys