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In the wake of uncertain political times, with many citizens worrying about the upholding of our constitution, The Leadership Platform hosted a pivotal discussion on Monday around the moral and ethics of our current leaders. Joining host Adriaan Groenewald to unfold and analyse South Africa’s political leadership crisis was Former General Secretary (COSATU) Zwelinzima Vavi.


Vavi, Vice-Chairperson of the Millennium Labour Council, provided his view on some of the pressing topics faced in leadership, including the ANC and raising the bar in terms of the work needed for positive change. The team, with their esteemed guest, also shared views on President Zuma’s actions by using him as a case study.


The questions have been on all of our minds – where is the leadership of the country headed? Who can we put our trust in? What is the state of the nation? Get all of the answers below:



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Zwelinzima Vavi sounds off on ethics & morals