A healthy savings culture will benefit South Africans on an individual and national level. According to research, 3 in 10 South Africans say that they cannot afford to save. For this reason, FNB has partnered with the South African Savings Institute to help South Africans to start saving, or to save more.

The top reasons why people save are for emergencies, children’s education and retirement. FNB has a range of savings and investment products designed to help South Africans save. Whether you need to save with immediate access, access after a term or after a fixed period, FNB can help.

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The Gareth Cliff Show team took a stab at performing the Savings Anthem, and you get to judge their performances… we’ll even reward you to do it!

By voting for whose rendition of the anthem is the best, you can win R5000 deposited into an FNB 32 Day Flexi Notice or R10 000 deposited into the 32 Day Flexi Notice if you’re an existing FNB client.

Voting is closed! The winner will be announced soon…

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FNB Savings Anthem – sung by Damon

FNB Savings Anthem – sung by Gareth

FNB Savings Anthem – sung by Ben

FNB Savings Anthem – sung by Mabale


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9 July: FNB Save & Invest song – Mabale
The spotlight is on Mabale as it’s her opportunity to wow the audience with her rendition of the FNB Savings Anthem. Is it that good that Gareth compares her to Diana Ross? Then Gareth talks about FNB’s Business Saving & Investments.

8 July: FNB Save & Invest song – Ben
It’s Ben’s turn to try and impress with his singing skills (again). Our special guest Leigh-Ann Mol is quite horrified and says it’s even worse than Damon’s attempt. FNB’s Tax-Free Savings Account is under the spotlight… save and invest without paying tax on the returns – winning!

7 July: FNB Save & Invest song – Gareth
It’s an Idols reversal as Gareth sings his version of the FNB Savings Anthem! What do the ‘judges’ say? FNB’s savings product of the day is the Flexi Fixed Deposit – find out how it works and how you can make it work for you.

6 July: FNB Save & Invest song – Damon
After the team failed to write a good song, CliffCentral’s Creative Director Arye Kellman comes to the rescue with his songwriting skills. Damon is tasked with singing his version first as Gareth wants more time to practise. Learn more about FNB’s 7 Day Notice Deposit.

22 June: FNB Save & Invest song – part 5
Get a minimum of 10 000 eBucks when you invest in a new FNB Fixed Deposit (Ts & Cs apply). Mike ‘Funkmaster’ Flax slaved over the beats and lyrics for the Save and Invest song… and it’s a real team effort, but staying in tune is a challenge for some!

19 June: FNB Save & Invest song – part 4
Money makes money and it’s all about Business Savings and Investments as Ben entertains the team with a Game of Thrones-inspired song… with this FNB Business Call account you can manage your cash easily and affordably, with access to investment advice.

18 June: FNB Save & Invest song – part 3
Gareth tells us about FNB’s Tax-Free Savings Account – save or invest up to R30 000 per year tax-free… plus there are no monthly fees! The song is sounding really good – it’s a happy/sad song about saving and not saving, and a must-listen for Brady Bunch fans.

17 June: FNB Save & Invest song – part 2
Gareth and the team continue the songmaking process as part of FNB’s Savings Month mission to get people saving and investing. Luckily J’Something from Mi Casa is in studio to offer feedback. Gareth tells us about the FNB Flexi Fixed Deposit which makes accessing your cash quick and easy.

15 June: FNB Save & Invest song – part 1
Gareth and the team are tasked with creating a song for FNB as part of National Savings Month. For the occasion, Gareth finds an old keyboard and Damon tries to sing along! Find out more about FNB’s 7-Day Notice Deposit Account, which is designed to give short term investors great returns.




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