(Part 2 of 2) Just as students took it upon themselves to drive the “decolonisation” project on their campuses, is it incumbent on young professionals to drive a radical process of transformation of South African corporates? 2015 was dubbed the year of the student – the year students embraced their power of youth and idealism to affect real disruptive change on the socio-political and economic context of South Africa and the deep inequalities that characterise it. The failure of South African corporates to transform is well documented and has been debated ad nauseam and yet the change towards a transformed corporate South Africa is slow and seemingly half-hearted. Is it time for young professionals to take things to a more radical level in demanding and affecting transformation?  We are joined by Ferial Haffajee – Editor of City Press and Author of ‘What If There Were No Whites In South Africa’, Busi Mavuso of the Black Management Forum, Tebogo Moalusi of the Young Professionals Forum, Arthie Moore of Ki Leadership Institute, Brian Moore of Diversity Training SA and regular contributor and social activist, Khomotso Ntuli.


160316 Frankly speaking pt 2b


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Frankly Speaking – Decolonising Corporate SA – Part 2