The Renegade Report team, Jonathan Witt and Roman Cabanac, who spearheaded the fundraising drive on behalf of the waitress that was moved to tears by the comments of Ntokozo Qwabe, join Andrew Levy and Rori Tshabalala in studio to discuss the merits of the campaign in the context of the broader South African narrative. NOTE: The views expressed in this podcast do not necessarily represent those of or its employees.


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Frankly Speaking – Are White Tears Worth Thousands?


  • Gary Kowen

    I was listening to try get an honest view or argument regarding what the actual gripe is with these guys raising money for the waitress. I am asking sincerely as i don’t understand. The show was pretty terrible and turned into insults and off topic discussions pretty quick so i am trying my luck down here in the hopes of encountering some honest debate. I’ll make it simple, complete the following sentence, “Renegade report should not have raised money for the waitress because…”

    The thing is, the only argument I’ve seen on twitter is that she wasn’t the most deserving person and if they were being sincere they would have done this for a black person who has suffered a worse act. That argument doesn’t hold water because you could then use the same reasoning to say that that person isn’t the most deserving, until everybody on earth has been overlooked until the one most suffering sole is found. These guys didn’t donate 100k, it was all the donors giving R20 and R50 that caused it to reach that mark and from their point of view it was worth the spare change.

    The other matter that’s been raised is that this was done not out of benevolence but rather to “stick it to” NQ. Well if there was an element of up yours, is that really so terrible? The guy is a dick.

    What should they have done? Nothing? Why does one need a considered reason to do something nice?

    • JC

      Dude there is so much whataboutery and false equivalence flying around this issue, it just fucks me off….weak arguments abound and they don’t seem realize that they’re just furthering the “victim status” of black people even more by adopting this ridiculous stance.

      And agree with you, to me this issue was more about showing that civilized South Africans of all colours and creeds were willing to stand up and show a racist bullying douche that we will not stand for this kind of repugnant behaviour, and instead overpowered his actions with generosity and compassion.

      • The Renegade Report

        As ‘guests’ on the show, it was an ambush. The hosts were not interested in listening to our informed opinions, they disregarded any evidence we presented and they insulted every point we made. We won’t make it back anytime soon. It is poor behaviour from people who call themselves ‘Frankly Speaking’.

        • Jeetesh Bhoodia

          I disagree. Frankly, I thought the abuse was hurled both ways evenly. The problem is, tou guys knew this is unradio and by agreeing to come on here, not only did you waste the listeners time, but you also wasted your own time, by not even attempting to answer Rorys questions. An opportunity was there to clear this matter up, but this dick waving ego contest never got this show outta1st gear. Dont blame them dude, blame all of yourselves.

          • Roman Cabanac

            I actually agree, spoke to the hosts after the fact and we both agreed it wasn’t professional from both sides. We hope to do a follow up soon and really flesh out the ideas.

          • JohnStellSmit

            I wouldn’t come anywhere near the show if my interview went like that. Absolutely unprofessional throwing insults around at your guest, even if they share a different view. SHAME on you

    • Barry

      There was a clear predisposition on the part of at least one of the Hosts to call out the Renegade Report as hypocrites, as opposed to constructively debate the matter. I am of the view that Rori’s shouting in order to gain the upper-hand in a disagreement is largely to blame for the tension that developed and he seemed to gain satisfaction in calling Jonathan out on getting angry, as if he wanted to label him a hypocrite for getting emotional when Jonathan pushes a factual agenda. Other than being facetious, I am not sure what the point of was of the behaviour and reminded me of what the EFF do in Parliament. Regrettably, such behaviour will result in both losing their relevance and be ignored, even when the do have a extremely valid position. What a pity that Jonathan eventual lashing out and comments will only be used to label him an elitist – at least we know he will learn from this experience.

      I admit that as a privileged white I may not grasp the pain felt by other races when they see whites helping other whites and I was hoping to get schooled, leaving enabled with a constructive message I can carry on to my other ignorant race-colleagues.

      I would have expected the Hosts to lead with why they are of the opinion that what the Renegade Report did was wrong and present alternative approaches/options. There were times where Andrew sounded like he was on the very brink to shed light on their (the Hosts) position, with a solid base, but it simply never got to that point.

    • dans_silly_opinion

      Gary, I listened to this podcast and am scratching my head as well.
      I thought I would have learned something, but walk away upset.

  • Andrea Naude

    Ultimately Rory tried to bully his point of view across, leaving no room for quiet sensible discussion. Be that as it may. This issue would never have had any traction, had the bigots from RMF not decided to give it airtime. The outcome, as skewed as it is, lies squarely at their feet, and now they cry foul? Hypocrisy at the nth degree. I have to wonder, the domestic worker, the grand mother, the disenfranchised student (all being bandied about as weaponry to make a point, How very solicitous and of course convenient to reduce them purely to that)… why did Qwabe and all the social justice groups not take up the self-same platform and start campaigns of their own? We know, they know how to use this particular platform, based on the fact, they used it to humiliate, scorn and mock instead.

    Why has the original offense, been so quickly dismissed, and repackaged? I believe the reaction is pure pettiness and does come down to the money, as it would have been a non-issue (offensive in itself, given the bigotry being dismissed) had the total money raised, been a mere R500. But to disguise this pettiness, they simply as mentioned ,repackaged it into a further racial issue.

    Shame on those social apologists, for taking a perfectly harmless act of kindness, and putting your own petty spin and agenda on it, to make yourselves feel better about your own indifference. Actions speak louder than words, and overall you all have been found wanting, when asked directly… what have you done, for the domestic worker, the grandmother, the disenfranchised student.

  • Frik De Wet

    Wow, Rory is so biased and blinded by his own racial agenda, he is downright rude, offensive and attacks his guests. Massive respect to the two gentlemen who sat through this interrogation and kept their cool.

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