On the back of a speech delivered on Human Rights Day by Professor JNJ Kritzinger, Rori Tshabalala speaks to him and a young white South African, Rudi Cooke, about how young white South Africans can find belonging in a country where the legacy of the past and the benefits that accrued to them as a result remain significant topics.


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Frankly Speaking – White Participation in SA’s Future

Wednesdays 09:00 – 10:00

Andrew Levy & Rorisang Tshabalala




Frankly Speaking (formerly The Khonza Show) looks at topical issues through the eyes of young people doing amazing things.

Hosts Andrew Levy and Rorisang Tshabalala take on everything from politics to social issues to lifestyle.

Join them for a often provocative, sometimes amusing look at the country and world we live in.



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