Did Nelson Mandela sell out black people? This is the question Andrew and Rori attempt to answer, along with their guest Debora Patta and a few revolutionaries.

150722 the khonza show

The Khonza Show – Did Nelson Mandela sell out black people?

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  • Daphne

    The Mandela legacy cannot be torn into pieces like some people do. If he could we would all live in harmony. He believed in a well balanced country were all can leave and enjoy. Its important to also no the white people wont vanish , they are born everyday like everybody else. I look at former Vista University , the Mamelodi branch, I see white kids going there to get that education of which is one thing that black kids would not do if this University was placed somewhere in Ventersdorp. They would always think of Boeremag Blacks get a life please.

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