Rori Tshabalala and Andrew Levy continue their white privilege series. They try and understand the impact that white privilege has and whether or not it is a bad thing. Joining them to help unpack this topic is Eusebius McKaiser, Ernst Roets and Kristi Hansen.




The Khonza Show – White Privilege (Part 2)


  • Chris Andrade

    Khonza, thanks so much for getting both sides of the debate in your show. The last one was awfully one sided. I enjoyed Ernst on the show, giving a voice from the other perspective.

    Ernst kept coming back to education, which is actually the key issue here. Eusebius trivialized this point, that education only had one part to play and was somehow over arched by ‘white privilege’.

    There are so many discussions going on about white privilege and transformation, but somehow we gloss over the fact that our primary schooling system is completely dysfunctional. We have a matric pass rate of 30%, with a watered down version of maths (called maths lit) that is absolutely useless. The number of learners that complete 12 years of schooling is 41%!

    Faculty at universities will tell you that we have matriculants today that get to varsity, that do not have BASIC numeracy and literacy skills.

    How can we transform South Africa with such a deplorable system of education? Lets get the basics right first!

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