Would you employ a 25-year-old to head up your organisation as CEO? You might think twice, but the BitCo board didn’t. Listen to this insightful and telling #FutureCEOs conversation between Gareth Armstrong and Jarryd Chatz, the current CEO of telecommunications company, BitCo, where they explore the complexities, and pros and cons of leading at such a young age.




Future CEOs – Jarryd Chatz – 25yr Old CEO of BitCo

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  • Bruce Gaynham

    First of your shows I’ve listened to Gareth. Not having heard the question asked in this podcast, is it often asked by you what these leaders of industry feel in terms of industry’s impact on the environment, and what they are doing to mitigate their own impact?
    For me this is an important aspect of being willing to support a business, and I believe it is a growing concern for a lot of consumers. It would be great if businesses would start owning up to their impacts and implementing steps to mitigate them.

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