Thursday logo buttonWolf & Looper is a financial services company specialising in the education of young South Africans in the financial, investment and entrepreneurial sectors. We talk to the Co-Founders, Mikel Moyo and Yami Swana, about some of the challenges facing them as they take on such a misunderstood and confusing industry.

Great conversation with some bright and talented entrepreneurs – don’t miss it.

During this show you will learn:Future CEOs CliffCentral Startup Wolf and Looper Mikel Moyo Yami Swana Gareth Armstrong Hlubi Mboya Kyle Torrington Studio Branded

  • How a company name can come from something as fun and simple as a movie
  • Why Gareth claims that their business idea came from illegal thoughts and intentions
  • and how their idea goes to the heart of the principle: “Scratch your own itch.”
  • What their biggest challenge has been thus far and how they have been able to overcome it
  • and much, much more

Our guests and experts in the CliffCentral studio this week:

  • Co-Founders, Mikel Moyo and Yami Swana – Wolf and Looper
  • Kyle Torrington – Co-Founder of Lexnove


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Future CEOs – #StartupOfTheWeek: Wolf & Looper 04.06.15