Are you mentally and physically exhausted at work? Do you always feel like you’re fighting a losing battle in the office? During this critical conversation Hlubi Mboya and Gareth Armstrong talk to Olympic Team Physiotherapist, Caren Fleishman, RecruitGroup CEO, Laura Reynolds, and Kaelo Consulting Director, Nadine Walsh, to find solutions to this growing problem and why so few of us are ticking the right boxes resulting in mental, emotional, and physical exhaustion and burnout.


Future CEOs LeaderEx Career Masterclasses CliffCentral Mercedes Benz Contemporary Events Accenture - Stress Burnout - John Jutzen Laura Reynolds Caren Fleishman Suren Govender


Future CEOs LeaderEx Careers - Succeed Without Killing Yourself - Caren Fleishman Olympic Physio Suren Govender Accenture Nadine Walsh Kaelo Laura Reynolds RecruitGroup 2


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#LeaderEx2015 – Succeed Without Killing Yourself