The Futurology team goes live in the Huawei Innovation Zone. To change things around a bit we decided to do a live podcast with Brian Armstrong on the Future of Work. We were joined by a live audience who added their 2 cents worth. It was a fascinating, in depth discussion that digs into what the #FoW means and where it is all going. The audience joined in with a few questions and kept the conversation interactive and entertaining.

A big thanks to Huawei for opening their Innovation Zone and for hosting this amazing event. #HuaweiZA #Mate10Pro



Thanks to the Huawei Mate 10 Pro business is changing

The Mate 10 Pro enhances easy mobility and flexible work when traveling and changes the way that your office works while still protecting your privacy.

With its large, nearly borderless display, you will enjoy boosted productivity – anytime, anywhere. By connecting your HUAWEI Mate 10 Pro to a larger screen with a simple cable Huawei’s all-new EMUI 8.0 powered by Android™ 8.0 easily enables the projection and sharing of content such as presentations or videos. To simplify this even more, EMUI 8.0 on the Mate 10 Pro supports dual Bluetooth so that different peripherals such as a keyboard or a mouse can be attached to the phone giving you that complete PC experience without the heavy lifting. All of these scenarios are made possible without a bulky dock.


The Future of Work (recorded live at Huawei Innovation Zone)


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Futurology – The Future of Work (recorded live at Huawei Innovation Zone)