“You are a slave with a new master”


Following the report that President Jacob Zuma is not required to pay back any of the R246 million spent on upgrades to his Nkandla home, Gareth airs his views on the matter – with controlled, logical aggression. A must listen!

Listen to the whole show here.


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  • Dianne

    I miss Gareth Cliff on radio. He doesnt talk down to us ordinary South Africans one bit. You echoed my every depression and concern. This really rattled me. Crime, chaos, lawlessness, xenophobia and loadshedding aside.. I felt the hackles rise on my neck. This is shit scary stuff…. The despot has arrived !

  • Somikazi Mancobeni Mzayiya Sos

    We need ppl like you in this country, ppl who are not afraid to speak up #THE TRUTH#

  • Maria Rodeigues

    Right on Gareth you tell them!! Oh how sad is our country because of him!! Get him out!!

  • Warren Harvey

    I reckon that since the state spent so much money on Nkandla it must now be considered a state asset (if need be Zuma can be offered a resnoble amount to compencate him for money which he invested in the property) and Zuma can remain there while he is president but once Zuma’s term has ended he must pack his goods and leave.

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  • Harry

    What about the fringe benefits tax he should pay? Don’t forget Al Capone wasn’t put in jail for being a gangster, he was jailed for tax evasion.

  • Conrad van Staden

    Gareth, you are the design for African Radio, you can voice for, how all the nations of Africa are being ripped by Old School, I am for myself to gain African Union freaks. Lets join the Young African Leaders Forums’ revolution.

  • Gary Hope

    jip, not a huge fan lately but GC has always said it as it is~ how the hell is JZ the best the ANC has to offer, damn, he is really and truly a lying sack of pips~ and millions of people continue to vote for the ANC, talk about getting what you deserve~

  • IgorNaj

    Jacob treats this country like his personal tribe, neither he nor anyone else in the ANC is sorry for one fucking second. They laugh at the rest of the country who think that their opinion counts.

  • iMcJaz

    With only 5 million taxpayers, SARS makes sure it gets every penny out of them.

  • Christian Castell

    I am running, because I can. I have created 3 companies over 28 years, employed and paid taxes…..but I won’t be the Fiddler from the Titanic. St. Helena Island, here we come…..no crime, no racism, no xeno, and electricity 24/7…..sorry yo’all…..here’s one entrepeneur gone….

  • Brenda Smith

    Why didn’t they rather get rid of the chickens and cattle or donated it to the poor of Nkandla and get one slaughtered cow and ten chickens a month to eat.

  • Andrew Farr

    This is for you Gareth. At least someone has the balls to tell it like it is

  • crys

    Thank you Gareth! Going to share the hell out of this!……sadly the people who vote this lying, thieving arsehalf will not hear or even understand your post!

  • Adrian Grant-Smith

    Well said Gareth, I can’t help feeling that we won’t ever see the back of the man. Will he pull a Mugabe move and still be running at 90? The writing seems to be on the wall already…

  • Jeremy Quinton

    Im glad to hear you so angry Gareth cause thats exactly how I felt yesterday. Absolute fucking piss take.

  • Wouter Kirstein

    Why can we not go on a national strike… That is what people in SA do.

    As citizens lets strike from Monday until Zuma is resolved!

  • Wouter Kirstein

    Its our duty! We cannot stand by and let this happen. I say its our duty to let the economy stand still until leadership is revised

  • Roark

    Racism and all the other kak are just things to distract us from whats really going on, eyes on the horizon folks, eyes on the horizon.

  • louie siebert

    Cliff for president! No words can describe the despair I feel for South Africans. Nelson Mandela and all who paid the ultimate price wasted their lives fighting for freedom and for democracy – their triumphs erased within a decade – by the incompetent ANC-led government and by criminal, madman Zuma, prancing while dismantling the nation. He is not MY president. I am out of here – with my millions and with my entrepreneurial skills – to start in another country where my family and my wealth are protected.

  • Freak

    Wasting your breath, as long as that fucking clown remains in power we are all slaves. Change will only come the moment he is removed for misappropriation of funds, through a vote of no confidence. Until then he will piss it up and party it out in his pool giving all citizens the fuck you finger!

  • Unamused

    My concern is not with “Nkaaandla hehehehe”. My concern is with the next election…

  • Deon Du Plessis

    I suppose the people who ripped the tax payers off by overcharging for these “security” upgrades are also going to get off scot-free !

  • Sad Days

    Every person who presently votes for the DA must make it their mission over the next 4 years to convince just one other person, who hasn’t voted for the DA before, to vote for them. If everyone did that, the ANC will be out the next election and Mmusi will be our President.

    Zuma is doing a Mugabe. The Zimbabweans left it too late to get rid of Mugabe. When they finally woke up, and tried to vote him out, he had too much power and the game had become rigged. Zuma is taking us down the same road. South Africa is at a knife edge. We either get the DA into national power in 4 years time … or we become Zimbabwe.

    This is a time for people power. No one can afford not to vote, or be complacent, or stick their head in the sand. If every decent South African plays their part, South Africa can be saved.

  • Heidi

    I wish more celebrities and people in the media would man up and say what you just said Gareth. I salute you and thank you because your message might just reach one clueless Zuma supporter. If more people like you we’re around who knows we might still be able to save this country of ours. xxxxxxx

  • Craig Wilkinson

    I am so embarrassed by our moronic clown of a president. Despicable, unconscionable, sociopathic, imbecilic, intolerable are just a few of the words that spring to mind when I think of the spineless clown who calls himself our leader. He has insulted the legacy of Nelson Mandela and every other great leader of integrity and honour that came before him and he has insulted every South African with his utter disdain for everything that our constitution stands for!

  • Arctic Foxkilla

    The tax payers are BAILING from this country. Let the fatcat bastard politicians and corrupt businessmen rot in their “fire pools”. Stupid, greedy idiots.

  • Arctic Foxkilla

    Zuma is not a disgrace for black people. He is not a disgrace for South Africans or even Africans as a whole. He is a bloody disgrace to humankind! He is the antithesis of Nelson Mandela.

  • Thobile Sikhonde

    It is sad that most of ANC voters are illiterate people who cannot even differentiate between government and a political party hence they will keep on voting the very same government who oppresses and robs them.

    Are South African’s really free? What is freedom in this country? Gareth you are spot on!!!!!!

    But, as Sigmund Freud put it ” The voice of the intellect is a soft one, but it does not rest until it has gained a hearing” I am a young black South African who never voted for ANC in my life, not because I do not appreciate that they fought for our freedom in this country. No!!! But for the mere fact that, 21 years after democracy, in my community there is no library, water as a basic need is very scarce, a week can pass by without water from the tap, I have now resorted to buying a tank for my poor domestic worker mother. And the worse part is that you still have to buy the water from the very same corrupt municipality workers. I just mentioned 2 simple reasons why I dislike the ANC government, I can mention a 100 more if I had to.

    In this lifetime of Nkandla and Guptas I will never vote for ANC and I will make it a mission to convince every person I come across not to vote for ANC. Most people in my community are not formally educated but I will teach them about democracy every chance I get and sooner or later their vote will change.

  • Byron

    Don’t blame you. Left a year ago and don’t regret it. Ask the best wherever you go.

  • Stephen Byrne

    I agree with Sad Days, he has a very valid point, each DA supporter has to convince one ANC voter to vote DA and we’ve done it as a nation, we’ve gotten rid of corruption and misuse of power in one election. We can get them out, it is possible, it’s only a matter of putting it into ACTION.

  • Steve Joseph

    Good for you Thobile,that you are able to rise above the vile rhetoric,of the ANC,they do no good for the people on the ground,they fan the flames of hatred,and lie to people on a daily basis,thank you my friend!

  • Ryan Alexander Smith

    Gareth, mostly share your sentiments. But there’s a big contradiction in what you said .. in the first minute you said that the ANC are talking to their own people/supporters … but at 3:50 you said that when you are lied to they’re assuming you’re dumb. But remember they’re not talking to you (or DA supporters or smart people) and thus are not assuming you dumb!

  • Herman-Peter Cook


  • Mike Auret

    You get what you deserve – in life and in politics!. The ‘cattle’ class of ANC voter is too stupid to understand what the ANC really is.

  • Robyn Hosford

    Ok so what is the answer Gareth? How do we take the steps needed to fix this obvious problem?

  • Thys Bekker

    All the ANC has done since Zuma is to find ways to extract money from state coffers. We citizens through Mandela paid Danny Jordaan a huge bonus for securing the 2010 soccer world cup. Everybody admired his superior negotiation skills. Meanwhile , back at the cattle kraal it was a simple bribe. The new Mayor of Mandela Bay, should come clean and pay back the bonus.

  • Herman-Peter Cook


  • nazeer

    The country should have a vote of no confidence in the ANC. It’s as if we’ve forgotten that we have the real power. I don’t understand why we were able to fight apartheid but we are struggling to make a stand against these lying thieves. We are losing our education, losing our job opportunities, we are losing our economic growth opportunities, our infrastructure is heading toward non-existence, criminals have no fear for the law because our president doesn’t care and is a criminal too, our right to defend and protect ourselves is being taken away more and more, and there is so much more. These problems have nothing to do with the colour of your skin, these problems exist because of a select few who are riding the wave of racism to cover their tracks while the rest of us drown. A whole country is suffering due to a handful of people. Are we ever going to do something about this or are we always going to be the generation who threw it all away because we were lazy.

  • Frank Pennington

    As I listened, I cringed. You are so right in everything you say. Now, watch your back my good man.

  • Peter

    Great comment Sad days. Hope you don’t mind but I copied and posted your comment to my FB network. They complain incessantly about what is happening in SA but do nothing about it.

  • Conrad van Staden

    Maybe, Africa Radio should make more sense, the whole of Africa needs Cliffs view. These individials that claim “for self” advatages must be taken out of the responsible roles. They dont pose good examples for our youth… Gareth does…

  • Peter James

    Take a lesson. If you can’t beat him join him. Stop paying tax and call it a zero interest loan. What’s good for the goose is good for the Ganda, or is that the Nganda.

  • Ryan Alexander Smith

    Nazeer, there won’t be a vote of no confidence since the majority still see no problem or don’t see it as ANC/JZ’s fault or would rather continue to support liberators no matter what.

  • Michael Booth

    Gareth, thank you for saying what we all have on our lips but do not have the platform to say it on. This is a joke and I am sure Nelson Mandela is rolling in his grave as the morals and dignity of his beloved party are being destroyed for the enjoyment of a weak little man.. We have become the laughing stock of the world, every week we are featured in international news with some new incident that the South African government is trying to justify. Thank you again for this .

  • Ryan Alexander Smith

    Proper education and time .. at least another decade .. analysts reckon DA stands a chance by 2024 election.

  • Michael Booth

    Knowledge is power, and we need liberate our fellow countrymen! Respect to you and what you stand for Thobile Sikhonde sir.

  • Deon

    U nailed it. Until we wake up and realize we need to stand together and fight, things will just get worse.

  • Tammy

    You said it. I just wish us as the South Africans will open their eyes and ears and stop ignoring this abusive theft. Gareth, well done! We are victims and we must stand up and say NO!

  • Hannes Ferreira

    MNet should dedicate a Special Channel for Cliff and many others with similar views. Absolutely excellent video! Watch it again and again.

  • glen

    What an idiot. Cant believe he still jokes about it. I would be ashamed a embarrassed. Im so embarrassed to be a SA with that idiot as a president. The world laughs at us and whats the bet ANC wins again next year because people just dont care, it hss nothing to do with race or the past its got to do with what your government is doing for you and SA. I can only hope

  • Carmen

    The public prosecutor going thru months of investigations was a waste of time. How pathetic were those videos showing the chickens and the fire department at the pool? Zuma is a sleazebag thru and thru. He is not worthy of being a president. You can see he only has Grade 5, What an idiot.

  • Michelle Sephton

    It doesnt have to be sad – Nelson Mandela said never ever allow another apartheid – fight it like the Anc fought for their liberation so lets begin fighting and the only way to do that is to become defiant?

  • Nicole

    So what can we do? Really. How do we show the president that we’re not buying it and find it completely unacceptable?

    Is this the end of it? We’ve been schooled and we must now sit down and shut up?

  • Michelle Sephton

    My blood boils – why does this fool think he can get away with is!!!

  • Michelle Sephton

    There must be ANC members that are dead against this type of leadership. Surely they dont want this country to go the way it is with this fool as a leader!!

  • Sad Days

    If you graph the curve of how the DA votes have increased over the last 20 years, and then extrapolate the curve a further 4 years, you get 7 or 8 million votes. The DA have the right man in place – the ANC are going from crisis to crisis and have a dire lack of leadership. This is a new era in SA politics. This is when the Rainbow Nation we all bought into is being resurected. And the people that can make it happen are us, the voters. For now, our vote can still change things. The people of the nation must join together and use it, while their vote is still effective.

  • James Osborne

    Thanks Thobile, great comments and we certainly need more people like you to show the people that we all, as South Africans, will never to truly free with the ANC in power. It will have to change soon.

  • Kin Bentley

    I agree with most of what you say, Gareth, except that you have swallowed the “security upgrades” argument without questioning it.

    This is where the rot started.

    It was never about security upgrades. It was about building Zuma a lavish palace in the veld and then securing his precious self against the masses of poor people living out there with virtually nothing.

    So enough of the “security upgrades” argument. I’d like to see a breakdown of expenditure on this palace – all those thatch-roofed luxury houses that make up his compound.

    I want to know who paid for each and every item, from the planning stage through to their construction and all the lavish interior fittings. The fences and underground bunker can be added in, of course, along with the helipad and barracks for his personal contingent of police/military.

    He must provide a breakdown of what was built, how much it cost and who paid for it. Is that too much to ask?

  • Vincent

    Thobile, thanks for your very frank and honest comments. If we can get as many people as we can to follow your example, we will have a much better country.

  • moshdef

    Thobile; you are the MAN…if only half of the people in SA can have the same mentality then we would have a country that is moving in the right direction In terms of bettering our economy and the people that live in it. ANC is a quick get rich scheme that am sure many of us are tempted to join so that we can enrich ourselves and also have the audacity to flash it in public. ANC is dying a slow death and in 20 years time the masses will start realizing that they are a shadow of their former self.

  • Bruce

    Well said Gareth. The only thing I would have added to that is: “Mr. President, Fuck you!”

  • Rouan Van Der Ende

    I’m surprised cryptocurrency like bitcoin has not been brought up in the media as a solution to this corruption.

  • Hein Kymdell

    Great speech Gareth. Now what do we do about it? What CAN we do? They’ve fucked up almost everything in this country, most of them beyond repair….

  • Hennie Pelser

    The presidents of the BRIC in the BRICS nations together earn USD 318 520,00 per annum. The president of S in BRICS earns USD 227 576,00 per annum on his own, excluding these types of ‘benefits’. Disgusting.

  • Neville

    Apt.. except for descending to ZUMA’s level by swearing.. Being justifiably upset is one thing but to lose eloquence is another.. But hey, that’s Gareth..

  • alistair1537 .

    Any person in SA that pays VAT on goods is a tax payer…the poor people pay more percentage of their income on tax….

  • Ricky

    Isn’t it obvious? The DA has the most votes next to the ANC, no other party is even close. The next closest party had just over 6% of the votes. There is no point diluting them with a party that has absolutely no chance of winning the election. The primary goal is to get the ANC OUT of power. Whether you actually want to vote for someone else doesn’t matter at this point.
    As soon as the ANC is voted out you’ll bet the DA would see damn well that they did a good job otherwise the other 27 parties will be waiting to pounce. No one in SA knows what it is like to be ruled by a ‘democratic’ party other than the ANC. If they fall out of the equation then it leaves the stage open for any party and people can actually start making informed decisions based on the parties morals, practices, reputation, figureheads etc.
    An ANC vote is a vote made without the thought of any of these factors and only after they are out will the people who still voted for them (realizing that the country will not implode without the ANC) start to think for themselves.

    Not voting or just randomly deciding on a party other than the ANC doesn’t help!! If you don’t know who to vote for, vote for getting the ANC out of office and we can take it from there. The quickest way to do that is to vote for the DA!!!

  • Sad Days

    That will be too late – vote rigging will be normal by then – NOW is the only window of opportunity – and it is doable – in 4 years time the DA CAN win.

  • S. Dooley

    Yes it all depends what people call freedom – This from a journalist of the time:

    The extent to which the Western world was conned by the
    liberal-controlled, mainstream media in regard to the old South Africa, is astounding!!!
    Stradi Song: ‘I was a medical journalist in South Africa for
    22 years, reporting on the situation in many rural and urban hospitals for blacks in newspapers like the Rand Daily Mail and the Sunday Times.
    There was a vast, very excellent network of hospitals, clinics andpublic-health nurses employed all over South Africa in the ‘black’ communities.
    There also was a network of doctors and nurses being trained steadily in ‘white’ medical facilities to work in this network and I came across a great many very efficient black doctors and nurses, an impressive army of people who
    were the best-trained black medical practitioners in Africa.

    I once sent several articles to Dutch publications about the way the South African medical authorities had teamed up with the SA military and defeated two simultaneous
    cholera outbreaks in two homelands in 1986-1987.
    These articles were accompanied by some very good photographs showing these modern facilities – and
    also showing the good relationships there clearly were with the SA soldiers and the local homeland populations during these cholera epidemics.
    My articles were rejected by all the publications in the UK, the Netherlands and Germany because, as one UK-based editor wrote in his rejection slip to me: ‘there are no medical facilities for blacks in South Africa, only whites have access to proper medical care…’

    The statistics showed how good the medical care was for blacks during apartheid: in 1985 there were 25,000 registered MDs, 5,100 specialists, 222 dentists and 18,700 paramedical personnel — and 127,000 nurses.
    More than 80,000 of those nurses were black nurses and they all had been trained in black-run educational facilities. There also was the medical insurance scheme Bonitas for blacks, which had 184,672 members — all of whom
    were tax-paying workers who received their medical care in black-run hospitals and clinics but also at giant facilities such as Johannesburg Hospital.
    Depending on their income, between 33 and 100% of the medical services provided by the government for black moms at maternity hospitals and clinics was paid
    for by the State, the rest was paid by Bonitas.
    The health of the black population was excellent: malaria and yellow-fever were practically unheard of except in the Kruger National Park, bilharzia, polio, smallpox were treated for FREE by the health department, immunisation of smallpox, tuberculosis were MANDATORY during apartheid for all population groups and was provided for free.
    In 1985 there were 14,524 beds in state-hospitals for blacks
    countrywide in 623 hospitals. And there was ‘ethnic awareness’ which was not based on race but on cultural sensitivities, for instance Asians got their own
    hospital in Laudium near Pretoria in 1982 at the cost of R12,5-million with 98 beds.
    Bargawanath hospital took 120,000 patients a year and treated 1,5-million outpatients a year and cost R24-million to build.

    The Mamelodi hospital opened in October 1983 at the cost of R1,2-million and the Lesedi clinic, 78 beds, three surgeries and radiology facilities, is a private hospital costing R3,5-million in Soweto.
    The nurses also developed
    some unique innovations in the Soweto hospital which was the first one in the world to allow moms and babies to remain together after birth instead of separating them: this system now is called ‘mother-and-child bonding’, but the
    black nurses in Soweto developed this system because, they found, the babies were much healthier when they were not separated from their moms after birth. I wrote many articles about such innovations and always sent them overseas as a stubborn form of my own personal protest – and I NEVER got ANY of these articles published overseas. As insane as this sounds, it was clear that the
    anti-apartheid brigade was in total control of the newsrooms in the Western World! Check my postings on my website under “Alerts/Health’ to see pictures of some of these articles I wrote back then in the Rand Daily Mail’.

    At least this one thing sounds better than the situation now,

  • S. Dooley

    Gareth you sound surprised – you clearly do not understand the idea of ‘the Big man’ in black culture especially in the age group of Zuma, Mugabe etc. It is all quite acceptable – the ‘ancestors’ put them in power and so the people must accept that and suck it up so as not to displease the ancestors – and Zuma and his ilk will also be ancestors soon …. so the people need to tread carefully.
    Perhaps it will be different with the younger generation.

  • dumpthe corruption

    Don’t force our hand Zuma .. we use one to vote and two to fight !!

  • Paul Whelan

    It is baffling that people keep asking what to do. If you want things to change, you must vote for another party. Abstaining will achieve nothing. It is necssary to vote against the ANC. As the ANC’s so far automatic majority comes under pressure, it will strengthen elemnts in the ANC who do not agree with what is going on anymore than you do.

  • Elesia

    Thanks for all this much needed info which needs to be shared….Hope u do’nt mind me sharing on my FB!!!

  • Ivan Hardman

    As James Royce said “people don’t lie – they just get their ontological predicates juxtaposed ” This is a man who no longer knows the difference and has entered the realms of Caligula, Hitler and Kim Jung Um.

  • lous nvan niekerk

    We live in a remarkable country, with citizens blessed with comelian feutures.anb we can still laugh even if it is at the worst of jokes

  • Ryan Alexander Smith

    4 years from now is impossible. The ANC and economic situation would have to get much worse and DA increase support massively too. No political analyst thinks 4 years from now is possible .. it’s just pie in the sky wishful thinking.

  • Rainer7

    That Nkandla LAUGHTER reminds me very much of the sound a hyena makes before it starts tearing into a dead animal corps.

  • Johnson William

    The Devil is now fully in control of South Africa (Zuma). The people who voted for Zuma are equally to blame for the sate of our Nation

  • Gavin

    This sounds like a voice of a leader. Maybe you should engineer change. I’d vote for you…

  • Attila Bernariusz

    Common sense alone tells you that what is happening is wrong. Our systems are being manipulated to protect the few select, and are becoming more nonfunctional by the day. The wrong precedents are being set to govern our future. This is not a good time for South African history books. We are regressing.

  • Sad Days

    Never say no in politics.

    Consider this. If Zuma goes, what happens to the millions of Zulu voters who he brought to the ANC ?

    The ANC is increasingly detested. Their moral high ground has long been lost. They are now in the sewer.

    Global financial meltdown will be happening later on this year.

    RW Johnson in his latest book says SA will have to go begging to the IMF in 2 years time for a bail out – that is how broke SA is.

    Mmusi is a dynamic leader – he already has the youth vote. He is also going to appeal to the Christian vote.

    If the DA take 2 or 3 more metros next year, they have cities other than Cape Town where they can show what they are capable of.

    From there they have 3 years to reach the rural voters.

    As mentioned, the DA vote graph, when extrpolated 4 years, gives 7 or 8 million votes.

    The Mandela vote has long gone. If Mandela was alive today as a young man, he would vote for the DA. He would be disgusted at the morals of the ANC.

    The ANC are seriously lacking leadership talent. The DA are full of talented individuals.

    Mmusi becoming leader has made it OK to be black and vote DA. This is a game changer. At some point a tipping point will be reached and the votes will pour in.

    All this shows that indeed, the DA CAN take the country. It will take courage, hard work and need the support of millions to help them, but it is doable. In fact it is essential. If they don’t win, I am not sure SA can survive 5 further years of the ANC. We would become a new Zimbabwe with a dictator in charge.

  • Mmatsie Juliet Malatji

    Times and circumstances change Mr President…. Karma is a B****

  • Tee

    They could have built anything on Nkandla and tried to justify it as a security feature. What are they gonna do with the next upgrade? A movie theatre perhaps that plays CCV footage?

  • Christopher Mark V Lowe


    On Friday I had a call from SARS about my outstanding provisional tax payment.

    I told ‘Gugu’ that when Jacob Zuma pays back the money he owes I’ll do the same. Until then “It’ll be a cold day in hell. And you can quote me on that”

    Fortunately all calls are recorded so they’ll have a copy to play for Jacob

    FACT: They can now swivel. They’ll have to take me away in chains. I am not paying any more income tax.

    ‪#‎hadenough‬. ‪#‎joinme‬. ‪#‎nomoretax‬

  • sue

    Zuma only getsvaway with it because his government and politc all party stand by him. U til they find a moral compass we will co tinue this way.

  • Aardvark

    At least the ANC lives up to its election posters “We have a story to tell” and this one is a real whopper… Its up there with Jack and the beanstalk. JZ has been accused of basically everything apart from being honest and doing his job… The ANC must wake up its going downhill for them ..

  • Herman

    I commented earlier please publish my views too we not all uneducated or accept Gareth’s insults that we are slaves, I am no one persons’ slave I vote the way i do because i understand the history of my country and what we trying to built as a nation not a discourse of cultural minority who think can determine the narrative on behalf of majority voters who votes ANC
    Please respectfully don’t impose Booths or Thobile’s take as gospel truth not all voters deserve to be labelled or generally painted as not knowing political landscape including the difference between government and political parties, some of us have studied and written on accountability but still vote ANC for its policies fundamentally not because Zuma is the president
    I hail from a rural village with no running water but water we have, housing has improved roads are far better than 1988 I have a post graduate degree working towards phd this would not have happened for me under segregation and apartheid
    please have some sense of dimensions of our ciuntry not only one prism of how things must or ought to be just because you don’t agree with one man or then insult majority voters of this beautiful land Mzansi!

  • Tasha Naudé

    Preach Thobile ! What beautiful intelligent woman ! Such a bright future awaits you. Thank You for giving me some hope today

  • Peter Latham

    Well said Gareth but as Thobile points out the ANC will undoubtedly be voted in as the majority blindly follow the ANC irrespective of how appalling their situation.

  • Emma Bolton

    Well done Gareth; you are spot on! PLEASE let us hope that we can eventually shout loud enough to be heard – and that our “masses” who are deliberately being lied to and believe it, will one day come round and see things for what they are. VOTE opposition!

  • Martin Arthur Smith

    Not only power and greed and spending what there is, that fornicator of a daughter of his friend is clearly no bigot, since he will do it with HIV positive Lesbians too. Our very own Rasputin who cannot be killed off by AIDS, politically, nor in reality through the alleged attempt on him by his own wife by means of almond scented tea , nor countless corruption charges, nor a conclusive judgment of being in a corrupt relationship with Shabir Sheik, or Vice versa which to my mind is identical. If that not be bad enough , is there not another sinister and an additional aim . I BELIEVE THIS IS NOT ONLY TO STEAL FROM THE EXISTING COFFERS, BUT TO ENGAGE IN CARNAL CONCOURSE FISCALLY PER ANUM WITH US ALL BY NOT JUST EBCANDLAAAAIING; BUT MY OPINION IS :WHILE FOCUS IS DIVERTED ON ENCAAAAHNDLAHHHHING HE IS ACTUALLY ENNNNCCCCCUUMMMBERRRING. ENCUMBERING. ENCUMBERING US ALL WITH SNEAKY NUKE FACILITY DEALS WITH THE RUSKIES. SNEAKS OFF LIKE A THIEF IN THE NIGHT TO DO THESE DEALS WITH…….? WHICH WILL IMPOVERISH NOT ONLY OURSELVES BUT OUR CHILDREN AND THEIR CHILDREN FOR GENERATIONS TO COME. THIS NEW TREND OF BORROWING AT EXORBITANT RATES ON A PERPETUAL PAYBACK SCHEME HAS BEEN CLEARLY TRAIL BLAZED IN THE FORM OF ROADS PAVED TO HELL BEING SCAMRALL AND THE TOLL GATE FIASCO. So if I am wrong WHY CAN WE NOT BUILD OUR OWN REACTORS? ANSWER . OH WE HAVE BUILT OUR OWN. SO WHY NO MORE? LET ME SPECULATE -BECAUSE IT MAY BE THAT ONLY THE WHITES CAN ENGINEER SUCH REACTORS AND THAT IS NOT POLITICALLY ACCEPTABLE BEE. SO THEN WHAT SKIN COLOUR ARE CUBANS (WHILE MY RANT IS ABOUT ENGINEERS) AND RUSSIANS GENERALLY. FOREIGN WHITES ONLY NOT LOCAL WHITES – LET’S PUT UP THESE AS NEW POST APARTHEID SIGNS.. How can that be justified by this fornicating genius!!!!! Get rid of Rasputin now, because this fornicator appears to have plans to not just do it to our daughters, but sons and daughters and grandchildren perpetually. Oh and by the way if the excuse is: locals strike, it may be pertinent to add that Communists never had that luxury, nor do post communists, not to the same degree.

  • Wouter Kirstein

    still propose a total strike where we stop everything even e-toll and
    get government to resolve our president e-toll Nkandla and all corrupt
    aspects we have to deal with. I believe we should call a strike of
    people and tax payers until this is resolved. I’m tired of being
    patronized as a tax payer. Having to pay more while billions are stolen.
    Zuma doesn’t need to account and is forcing us to pay more so that they
    can steal more! I suggest we go on a strike from Next Monday get 1 000
    000 people to join and its a stay away.

  • TheBoss

    Well said GARETH !! For that.. I like you enough to listen to your show now 😛

  • Morné Johan Louw

    It’s true, Deon, things will only get worse until people wipe the shit out of their eyes and until every single who’s ever voted for him realizes he makes nothing but empty and fake promises. But nothing will be accomplished by just there behind our computers and phones, reading through these comments and thinking “Yeah, you’re right!” at every other comment, or whatever. No, we must get up and fight, no matter how hard it may be, we must never keep trying and never give up hope.

  • Garry bristow

    The most disgusting to me is that people of the stature of Cyril Ramaphosa say nothing, lest he loses his chance of becoming President. No moral compass, just standing in line to get to the feeding trough. Not a single ANC member of parliament that has the guts to stand up and say “enough is enough”.

  • Ryan Alexander Smith

    Your post seems reasonable. But a couple of things. 1) what makes you think that Zuma won’t be replaced by another Zulu at some point securing Zulu votes. But the Xhosa voters are substantial too, look at how ANC did under Mbeki or Mandela. so if ANC has a Xhosa leader it won’t hurt them either. 2) SA government’s finances are not bad .. government debt to GDP is average by world standards at about 46% .. so forget about government being bankrupt or insolvent in 2 years or even 5 years. Having said that, government finances have gotten worse over past 7 years because our economy has underperformed substantially, averaging 1.7 % GDP growth a year in that time .. which means tax revenue growing slowly. Not only that but government spending has been growing more than it should and has become rather bloated. Part of that is to support jobs and public/gov sector jobs growth and wage growth in excess of inflation (partly dur to union power). Remember that the state of government finances are a factor of tax revenue and spending. And a last point, without elaborating, government has clearly mismanaged economy for many years, hurting investment and employment growth .. one reason being its inflexible and onerous labour laws. Part of the problem is that we are one of only a handful of countries in the whole world that has a trade union in government .. yes COSATU, part of tripartite alliance. Ok, written about enough for now .. lastly, ANC still has a massive lead in votes over DA .. and think about this, the DA did well at last election, but people like you and others thought they’d take many more votes from ANC since Zuka had been stuffing up for years already. But ANC still got over 60%. Not only that but the ANC are finally slowly waking up and are going to try turn things around .. they’ve said this, including behind scenes at lekgotlas and party conferences. Yea they still stuck with Zuma and a host of other problems but they not going to be as complacent going forward. Having said that, the DA will make further inroads but again, forget about DA winning next general elections .. remember these words. Of course i hope they do, and I try get the message across to others that the DA is the way to go.

  • Sandi Danckwerts

    @ Thobile, well said young man, only others had your vision and insight

  • Paul Whelan

    A couple of points. It is not necessary for the DA to ‘win’ the next election. It is only necessary to reduce the size of the ANC majority and to frighten them further into getting a grip. They are already very rattled and starting to take steps. You make this point yourself. If this leads the ANC to ‘turn things round’ that is what SA needs – an end to misgovernment by one party that hasn’t had to worry about it till now.

  • Sad Days

    The ANC were losing support from the xhosa voters – they recovered those from the Zulus.

    The only Zulu replacement is Zuma’s ex wife. Will the ANC risk putting a female in the top job ?

    The IMF intervention comes from a far more knowledgable source than me – some reading for you – http://www.politicsweb.co.za/news-and-analysis/south-africas-looming-crisis

    The DA cornered the White, Coloured and Indian vote – they have some of the black vote, especially amongst the young. They obviously need much more … this limited them in the past … under Mmusi there is now nothing holding them back. He will capture the young blacks, the urban blacks and the educated blacks … you can see that already in the Fort Hare vote … that will serve the DA well in the metro elections. The big question is, how successful will they be at capturing the rural, less educated black vote.

  • Kelly Schultz

    It sad to think that he was re elected after not fulfilling promises, to think that a free t shirt and KFC gets you elected. When other parties like the DA are willing to do a lot more all yr round. With a selfish idiot running our country who can not take responsibility for money wasted on unnecessary luxury crap improvements done on his property, this country is going no where, maybe our dear President could of done the smart thing and given that money to eskom and maybe things wouldn’t be going so bad as they are no, but then again I forgot Zuma is uneducated. If only we were smart and elected people who actually were educated and actually gave a crap about us, things would be different, but then again that’s only a dream. Ask Zuma a questions can’t answer, can’t even read, also thinks it’s a comedian, maybe he should rather go into the comedy buzz.

  • Ryan Alexander Smith

    Biggest problem for DA is the rural vote. IMF link you sent is incomplete. Oh and you’re forgetting many Zulu replacements .. Notables being groomed to replace Zuma are Zweli Mkhize, Gigaba and indeed Dlamini-Zuma .. other Zulu possibles such as Nathi Mthethwa, Nhleko or even Mildred Oliphant .. part of the reason possibly for a Zulu successor is that they are far less likely to allow investigation into Zuma regards corruption to restart.

  • Kelly Schultz

    Sometimes only once they owe tons of cash to SARS, I know, tenders get given to people for construction and they spend it on luxuries and then SARS comes after their assess and they don’t understand why, that was one example worked for an accounting firm and had deal with quite a few morons who either do that or just don’t pay taxes. Our President is setting an example if you don’t want to pay, don’t worry, bad message cause we aren’t all that lucky like dear President Zuma is.

  • Ryan Alexander Smith

    It’s definitely not just Zuma .. a lot of the problem is ANC policies, ANC endemic corruption, incompetent cadre deployment, and maladministration (and the lower you go down the spheres of government the worse it gets .. muncipal being really bad)

  • Sad Days

    The link still works for me – go to Politicsweb and in their search box put in rw johnson and click the interview with Andrew Donaldson.

  • Thobile Sikhonde

    I hear you Herman and I totally respect your views. I have a question for you; do you believe that the majority of ANC voters are formally educated as you?

  • Paul Whelan

    The ultimate check on government under democracy is the prospect of it losing power. That is what distinguishes democracy from monarchy or dictatorship or government by custom. I am concerned with possibilities and I cannot see a change of the party-in-government in SA happening for years yet. In that case, the best we can hope for is some improvement. The steady erosion of voter support will weaken the position not only.of the supporters of Zuma but also of the path we’re on. An at least hopeful sign is the turmoil and opposition to the ANC today is remarkable compared to even 3 years ago, let alone 10. In any case, if voters slowly and surely changing loyalties has no effect, democracy in SA is doomed anyway. Nothing else can happen except some form of Mr Malema’s ‘revolution’. The limit in the presnt situation is no government can go on misgoverning forever, though it can go on misgoverning for a long time.

  • TwistedSista

    We are setting ourselves up for more corruption, more theft etc. we need an honest leader who will raise the moral fibre of our nation and not drag us lower.
    PS: please don’t compare them to mongoloids, not fair, mongoloids don’t have a choice how they are born or how they behave – these oafs do.

  • Sad Days

    Once South Africa has fully embraced the Zimbabwe path (and we are close) it is all over. The voters lose their power. Vote rigging takes over. The slow change theory can’t work. It is now or never. Forget the Malema revolution – think the Mmusi revolution. I am SO impressed with him so far. He is the new Mandela – the saviour of SA. We need to embrace this thinking. DA national power in 4 years time. It CAN happen.

  • McDolans

    F%^& Zuma, F%^& the stupid ANC voters, F%^& the violent blacks and F%^& South Africa, I’m happy here in Europe where life is good and things work as they should.


    Disgusting. So glad I didn’t watch it live, I would’ve thrown something at my TV and wrecked it.


    You’re assuming Rhamaphosa isn’t doing the same thing. He has benefited enormously from the new dispensation. He’s just better at hiding it than JZ.

  • Brendon Miles

    Ever read the book Animal Farm? That’s pretty much what’s happening here.

  • Nicholas Dunnett


  • Nicholas Dunnett


  • Stefan

    Dear jacob zuma…

    Usually when I write an open letter to someone, I spell their names with capital letters. Not only is this the correct way of spelling one’s name, but it also shows a sign of respect for the intended recipient. In your case, you’re lucky I haven’t abbreviated your name.

    I listened in bewilderment as you addressed parliament on Wednesday. You made a complete mockery of the seriousness of the controversy surrounding Nkandla. It was clear to me then, that you already knew the decision of Nathi Nhleko with regards to paying back some of the money spent on your palace.

    You knew that you were free and clear, yet you still had the audacity to laugh about it in Parliament.

    Not only did you make a mockery of proceedings in Parliament, you laughed in the face of every tax paying citizen in South Africa. You laughed in the face of the poverty stricken, the starving, the homeless, the hopeless and the uneducated.

    Alas, where are you now? You’re on a perfectly timed trip to Nigeria, to avoid the backlash from a very angry nation.

    Your good story to tell is being self-narrated, with malicious bias and would for all intents and purposes, be categorized under pure fiction. Our country is on the brink of disaster. Crime rates are steadily increasing, unemployment is at its highest level in 12 years, our economy is at a standstill due to load shedding, union strikes and the ANC’s piss poor decision making; case in point, the new visa rules which will cripple our tourism industry.

    But laugh jacob, carry on laughing.

    You once stated that “corruption is a Western concept”. This may be true jacob, but then again, so is being elected the president of a democratic country. Your attitude to western concepts and culture is as fickle as you are corrupt.

    Keep laughing jacob, you must find this hilarious.

    I have yet to witness any strong show of leadership from you. During the worst of the xenophobic attacks, you were silent. Only when the bloodshed was too much for you to ignore, did you give vague condemnation of the attacks on foreign nationals.

    Meanwhile, you were happy for King Goodwill Zwelethini and your own son Edward, to fuel the fire, without putting either of them in check.

    You must be rolling with laughter now.

    You roll out the red carpet for racist bigots like Robert Mugabe and then go on to give him a 21 gun salute. He is allowed to make sweeping racial comments while on South African soil, yet you still praise him and his “accomplishments” in Zimbabwe.

    How your stomach should be hurting right now with this kind of comedy.

    Never have we had a president marred by so much controversy. From Gupta Gate to the hundreds of charges of corruption bought against you.

    But still you laugh jacob, its one big joke to you.

    I cannot speak for anyone else, but I am ashamed to have you as the president of South Africa. You are an embarrassment to every self-respecting citizen in who call this country home. I have literally run out of places to hide my head in shame.

    I honestly believe in the saying “What goes around, comes around”. Hopefully that day will come soon, while we still live in a country worth seeing it.

  • Herman

    Thobile I also respect your views indeed but some of your admirers’ commentators are bordering on personal attack and insults so unnecessary
    some express hate digitised in the most inexplicable vulgarity I have encountered
    nonetheless most bloggers do so from their life experience and personal perceptions of what they read hear or belief which is philosophically grounded by a mindset of a prism based on their surroundings or environmental view point
    having said that dominant narrative dictates that some would do so only based on personal perception which is not a reality for others
    in my village RDP housing is not an option for the poorest in society but a matter of survival and need for a roof over ones head which is provided by the government led by the ANC
    therefore it’s prism of mindset that would only conclude that WHBO would built a life long quality road and infer that some of the movement

  • Bonay Van Der Schyff

    Zuma… take Nkandla. Take the money and piss off. STAY there. We don’t want you running our country.

  • Daniel James Goodall

    You know I visited the Mandela capture site this weekend in the midlands, and I walked through the incomplete memorial museum. And there was a young chap there. Asking for donations. To help finish the mandela museum. I wanted to cry. So much squander and greed and filth. And tata has been forgotton already. Ordinary citizens will build that museum out of their pockets. Because the government has no interest in helping out with the last 2million needed to finish tata Madiba’s memorial. Heartbreaking

  • Judy Huntley

    I can vouch for some of this info, S Dooley. I am a white midwife and worked at the Eshowe hospital in about 1987. We had 2 maternity wards, one for the general public (which only had black non-paying patients) and one which was considered a private ward. This ward had a mixture of white and black patients. I have no idea what the white patients paid for their medical service in this ward but do know that the black patients paid R15,00 (fifteen Rands) for admission and care. Many of these patients were hypertensive or had placenta praevia and stayed in the ward for 3 to 5 months of their pregnancy. They had a daily visit from a dynamic obstetrician who always had at least 3 medical students with her, and she lectured to them (as well as us midwives), daily on the wards. The patients also had ultrasounds, blood tests and any other obstetric care necessary, as well as obviously, 3 meals a day. And all of this excellent care for just R15,00!! It was astonishing and noteworthy at the time, and even more so now.

  • Greg_Shark

    RSA politics is melting down. Based on empirical evidence it was ‘forecast’ in the late 80’s early 90’s that RSA would reach this point and a coalition of ‘like-minded’ people would rescue RSA but not before the country was dragged through the depths of failure.

  • Arterial Clot

    Nicely put Cliff……. How the hell did we go from Nelson to Numbskull???

  • S. Dooley

    Thanks Judy for that first hand feedback – it certainly dispels the myth that black people were denied good medical care. The MSM especially international media has so much to answer for.

  • Brian Crust

    I can not fathom how a country claiming to be democratic can allow this sort of BS to fly… do we riot, do we protest? What can we actually do, we work tirelessly for ourselves and the betterment of this country but the guy who is supposed to lead us in the movement is only looking after himself, not even the people who voted for him. He relies on the uneducated and scared people of this country to keep him in power by chanting Apartheid and Racist. He has no interest in educating the people or even doing his job to best of his ability… he will forever remain the ANC’s worst president, dare i say this countries worst president, including the colonialists who once segregated this country.

  • stuart connacher

    sad , fuck that , he is a pig…throwing what development could have been achieved in the faces of his very neighbors…i want to reach for the vaseline

  • Douglas Ball

    Reading Thobile on my I phone.!
    What wisdom!
    I am afraid you are in the minority. You have a great deal of work to do.
    I love South Africa , people like you do make a difference .

  • Robert Rudolph

    Aaaah, Zuma is actually just a PUPPET PAWN to the South African Communist Party ……. Look Deeper into things and you’ll find that Zuma needs old BLADE and his comrades votes and Vice Versa!!
    Rid the country of the SACP and the votes go away from the ANC !!

  • Vera

    Thobile, as an architect I would like to further the discussion on housing. Despite decades of counsel from the architectural and urban design profession, our government persists in building housing (a fraction of what was promised to its loyal electorate) in areas completely disconnected from the city where most people work, resulting in sprawling ‘dormitory suburbs’ – an unsustainable residential area with little work opportunity in the immediate vicinity, where its inhabitants merely come home to sleep. In these areas, people rely on public transport to travel great distances to get to work in the city, where they spend their money. It’s a vicious cycle by which the townships keep growing yet remain impoverished. All the while, our cities’ CBD’s stand vacant and in a state of decay. There is even a countrywide phenomenon in which owners of RDP houses choose to ‘sleep rough’ in the city centre, while renting their properties to those in townships unable to work or find work. This allows them to save the money they would be spending on transport getting to work, while simultaneously generating a rental income. This is how flawed the RDP housing concept is. In addition, the vast amount of infrastructure required to support lateral sprawl is inconceivable, never mind the maintenance. Instead of building out we should be building up, increasing density, and rejuvenating the areas within the cities that are vacant and decaying. For every two RDP houses, there should be two units built ontop and two in between. That way the same stretch of road, and the same length of water and waste pipes, and the same amount of power lines, service not two but 6 households. That is how you achieve efficient infrastructure.

    Anyway, my point is every year our government pays architects millions of Rands to come up with a better solutions and every year we tell them the same thing and show them the way forward, and tragically every year it is ignored. Why does the government do it in the first place? Because its budgeted for, and they think spending the money makes it look like their doing the work. So to reiterate your point of.. WHAT IS GOOD POLICY WITHOUT IMPLEMENTATION!?

  • Thobile Sikhonde

    Well said Vera!! Quantity is more important than quality in the ANC Government. The other problem is that the people who do the monitoring and evaluation of any government project are puppets who will not report on any realities, there is no zero based planning hence change remains a dream in SA

  • Darrillio

    The problem is, that there are many people who have more rights, benefits, healthcare, school access etc etc than before under our beloved Old/New Nats. They will vote for these crooks and inepts.

  • Thobile Sikhonde

    Okay Herman. I also agree that 20 years might not be enough considering our history. However within the 20 years, corruption has been rife and the commissions that are set out by the government might as well be called “ANC commissions” not government commissions. The once that seems trustworthy are scraped out. Someone, somewhere must @least take some responsibility, a little bit of accountability could help. Who is credible except Thuli Madonsela and a few true public servants out there?

  • peeter muna

    Peeter Muna – well spoken the only problem is that you have a filthy mouth.

  • Hettie

    So much respect for your views and I hope that one day we will all live in a true democratic country where the people of this beautiful country will thrive and not the government

  • Cyanbleeding Pytor

    So what. Hitler made the trains run on time. That doesn’t make nazi germany a model government for anyone.