Wow! 2016 has been a roller-coaster year!

Many of us are pleased it’s over and some of us just need a break, even if we enjoyed the year. For South Africa, and the world, it was in some ways (as my guest Lerato Tshabalala said on my show) a year of “unprecedented stupidity”.

Things just seem to have become a little more crazy than usual – if there is a ‘usual’ setting for crazy.

As for the CliffCentral.com family, we’ve added new shows, guests, new personalities and new listeners to the pot. We continue to expand the quality and diversity of our amazing online content. From September, we had our sister-station, Touch Central move in to the building, and with it came a whole bunch of cousins, nephews, nieces and children.

For the past few months we have shared The Gareth Cliff Show, but from January that show will return to CliffCentral.com alone. The two companies will be doing different things (podcasts vs live listening, talk vs music), but we both strive to bring audiences to the internet for the best content experiences.

2016 ended on a positive note with CliffCentral Carols, and we raised some money and awareness for Headway Gauteng.

Thank you for your support, engagement, feedback and love. Next year we’ll give you even more!

Listen to a few podcasts now that you have a bit of time in the holidays and tell us what you think 😉

Here’s to 2017!




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A Holiday Message