OH GRATEFUL US to rise and shine
to CliffCentral’s chipper crew,
Mabale’s tempered stance
and BigHead’s witty spew!

Inane comments from The Feral One
evoke in us appreciation,
For our own, caring parents
who taught us basic communication!

The resident Neanderthal
grunts and rummages in his trough,
Reminding us to attend to our pets needs
before heading off

As we make our way to work
we’re treated to Gareth’s rants,
He sticks it to them useless fuckers
like a poesclap to the pants!

Neanderthal sometimes cops it though,
the techies take a beating,
Mabale and BigHead just tune out
and do a little eating (yeah…we hear you mofos!)

That woman sometimes munches on
well into The News,
but the team’s comments on her stories
never cease to amuse

Then BigHead takes over
with his Sport for the day,
and it’s as if Bill Cosby and his leetle pills
have come out to play!

Fortunately it ends. And Anthea takes over
For shares and investments there’s no doubt,
she’s quite the four-leafed clover

The interviews are good and all
But they sure aren’t the best parts
Before you get ahead of yourself Gareth
Neither are your anecdotes on farts!

What makes the show so magical
What gives it its own glow
Is the moronic, disfunctional family
That is the Gareth Cliff Show!


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#GCS Poem