Dr Hanan Bushkin joins the team to have a candid conversation about mental health and the impact of the Covid-19 vaccine. He advises that people shouldn’t wait for happiness, but should dance while the music is playing… and the importance of being able to adjust to new situations that may occur in your life.


Hanan Bushkin


Dance While the Music is Playing

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  • Tanya Wichmann

    I just discovered these on your site, and I love the way in which Dr Bushkin addresses the controversial issues we face. I hope to have him in our presence for some time to come. I met someone just before Covid lockdown, after being single for about 14 years (the relationships I have had in-between this time is of no significance) for I met someone that for the first time in my life really has a depth and intellect that suits me like a glove. All come with baggage at age 40+. However I value this unique relationship immensely. So aside from losing my job, doing 24 courses online to change my career from Tourism to Digital Marketing in a year, having a teenage daughter severely affected by Covid and trying to adjust to normal live (since covid wants to be home schooled and struggles to re-adjust to social life), losing a father to Covid, and losing a brother to immigration. Well, reads like a warped Mills & Boons doesn’t it? Guess what I want to say is that we all need help, we are all a bit mental anyways, but especially so since covid! Thank you for paying attention to mental wellness on your show

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