06.04.20 Pt 1 – Are Easter eggs a cure for all viruses in general? Should Damon be given his share of the trillions that will be made from selling hot water and lemon to the masses? If you want to employ a sexy voice, Leigh-Ann Mol is your person… Mbuleo however has a voice that’s about as sexy as a rotten carrot in a toilet bowl. He’ll die alone. If family invites you to digital drinking games, what do you do if you are nearly out of booze? And Putin does not like people talking about his kids in public.




“Don’t be Putin my kids in the paper“

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  • Justin Hemming

    Need to ask Anthea a question please…Why oh why does the stock market remain ‘open for business’ when those stocks and currencies up for trade are mostly in lock-down the world over. I know FA about the stock market, but how on earth can they continue to trade with our businesses and our currencies, whilst we’re all forced into sleep mode. Surely they should agree to simply press the pause button during this lockdown, and when we all start up again, return to the figures that we were at then. Otherwise, the average businessman is simply powerless to those players that are gambling with our money and stocks, while we’re not even on the field of play. Thanks for a great show and for keeping us company during these eerie times…

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