Two entrepreneurs – Andile Ramaphosa and Brad Fisher – are doing their part in the fight against Covid-19, by providing ventilation technology to taxis in Gauteng. This is a major development, but has been marred by controversy, given that Andile is the son of President Cyril Ramaphosa. With so many allegations regarding the funding of the project circulating, the co-founders of SDI Force speak to Gareth Cliff about the inaccuracies in the media’s reporting on this.


Andile Ramaphosa and Brad Fisher


Andile Ramaphosa & Brad Fisher


  • Louis le Grange

    Hi Gareth, please tell Andile and Brad that I will perform a computational fluid dynamics analysis for them, free of charge, towards the effectiveness of their device directing air flow into and through a taxi. Such an analysis can prove the effectiveness or not of the devices they are installing. Kind REGARDS.

    • DIU

      Wow it is wonderful…R570 billion? For a taxi to open a window for air??? I wish i was working goverment. I have a idea, let’s give taxi drivers a spacesuite, that will help with driving safely on our public road’s.

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