In a book that has grabbed the attention of many, investigative journalist Jacques Pauw has exposed some of what his research has identified as the darkest secret at the heart of President’s Jacob Zuma’s compromised government: a cancerous cabal that eliminates the president’s enemies and purges the law-enforcement agencies of good men and women. Gareth speaks to The President’s Keepers author as President Zuma fights for his political life following the 2017 Gupta emails leak, this cabal – the president’s keepers – ensures that after years of ruinous rule, he remains in power and out of prison. But is Zuma the puppet master, or their puppet?



Jacques Pauw

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  • Proudly South African wannabee

    Husband deep into the book. Me…. i just cant take anymore JZ783 revelations. JZ783654780321789. I am done. I just caaaaaaaaant.