A rare interview with arguably South Africa’s most successful global entrepreneur, Gareth talks to 84 year old Natie Kirsh, a business magnate born in Potchefstroom with a business empire including South Africa, Swaziland, USA, Australia and the UK. Natie and his team have developed one of the largest private companies in the USA, Jetro — modelled on SA’s Metro Cash & Carry, which he once controlled. Jetro dominates the distribution of food and dry goods to small stores in big cities and is worth billions of dollars. Natie is well-known for his ongoing efforts in financing micro business startups at grass roots level and his philanthropical initiatives spread far and wide. In this interview, Natie shares his views on South Africa at this time, a glimpse into his journey and some golden nuggets on how to be successful in business.


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Natie Kirsh