Is the extended, voluntary hard lockdown bringing South Africa to its knees financially? Is there an irrational side to hard lockdowns, even with a global pandemic being declared by governments globally? What are the metrics for success in order to end the lockdown completely? Reyno de Beer of the Liberty Fighters Network joins us to speak about the constitutionality of lockdown, and why the government must be challenged before it’s too late for South Africa’s citizens and their civil liberties.



Reyno de Beer

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  • Zelma

    Hello!!! I know this is many moons later but there is another issue! We can’t make choices of purchasing Hydroxychloroquine zink and Vitamins A&C known to be effective in the fight against the virus! Why are we PREVENTED from taking our own precautions? This is a violation of my individual choice, to look after myself!!!! DON’T TAKE OUR CHOICES AWAY FROM US!!!!! ALCOHOL AND SMOKES are kicked against but I am prohibited from making a healthy choice for myself that is unacceptable in the extreme! It feels like something nafarious is up!
    Zelma Rodin.

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