Here’s a love story that defies time, countries and basically everything in between. Shirley Lewis and Leon Swanepoel first met and fell in love as teenagers. They each soon went their separate ways after high school, had successful careers, relationships, moved and had families. But, 60 years after they first laid eyes on each other – they got back into communication and sparks started flying again! This is certainly an interview bound to make you feel giddy inside… Shirley and Leon share their story of a thriving relationship, at 84 years old.


Shirley Lewis & Leon Swanepoel


Shirley Lewis & Leon Swanepoel

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  • Maria

    Just beautiful. This happened to my Dad and his first wife. They were married 56 years ago in South Africa. It wasn’t to be and they got divorced. My Dad went back to Greece, carried on with his life, as did Cleo. 56 years later they found each other again. She went to Greece to be with him for his 80th birthday and promptly brought him back to South Africa with her! She was a widow and my Dad divorced. They are now 2 lovestruck teens living their best lives. There is hope. We just need to wait until we are 80! xxx

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