Find out all about “The Dagga Couple”. Their love for weed has ignited their passion to prepare a legal case to try legitimise their lifestyle. Do you know the history of dagga? Then Dr Sindi van Zyl gets involved.




The Dagga Couple


  • Bobby Greenhash

    I have been making cannabis oils and distributing to sick people all over this planet, for 5 years. I have been arrested, harrased and bullied by the police more times than I can remember. I have also taken my case to the High Court of KZN against the State, sucessfully. My passion for healing people with Dagga, led us to form a non profit organisation, The Bobby Greenhash Foundation. Our oils are R20 a gram, which is what it costs us to produce. Many times, we give it away to sick peeps, we never refuse anyone.
    I dont care anymore weather its legal or not, people need it, so screw the law, its costing peeps their lives while the State drag their arse. If they wanna try lock me up for healing people, let them do it, I am too old & wise to be a victim of their fear factor tactics.
    Oh, “Doctor” Sindi, go get an education, please, better still, have a joint, maybe the stick up your arse will work itself loose a bit.


  • Free.Healing.Plants.

    PPPPPPLLLLLLEEEEEEEAAAAAAAASSSSSEEEE one day actually get a decent credible source to debate against. I like being naked naturally, its fking exciting; its purely natural. Is this part of the game to make our side sound better or what? cause its just retarded conversations.

    All of these debates are purely emotional arguments against the plant. really; I challenge someone truly informed and educated to step forward to discuss this with us stoners.

    I accept there are downsides to the irresponsible use of the plant, but please lets have a mature conversation, not children arguing…

  • tgif1

    Prohibition does more harm than good. Better to enable proper control of dagga through legalisation. Da

  • tgif1

    Prohibition is a waste of taxpayers money, resulting in more harm than good. Better to regulate dagga effectively through legalisation. We should be discussing how to legalise (per global best practises) and not whether to.

  • MrE

    Dr Sindy Van Zyl is completely misinformed. She should rather do some research into the way that Delta9 THC and CBD interact with the brain. It only exposes what is already there and legalizing it will get people to have to get a medical examination and diagnosed with possible mental issues.

  • Caroline Thord-Gray

    I totally agree – so many in the closet. My dream is for every smoker to step outside and light up freely one day. It would be impossible to police.

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