Gareth’s particular breakfast choice has the team raising eyebrows. Mabale has updates on airport heist investigations and Venus Williams’ woes. This week’s stand-in guest, Gord Laws, also chimes in with some sport updates. And the team get sucked into some Game of Thrones speculation!




#GCS 10.7.17 Pt2


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  • Lea

    On the health, nutrition subject, I totally agree with you guys. There are too many people putting food into their bodies that they claim is good for them based on opinion or (as Gord mentioned previously) based on advertising. I have found that when it comes to food, people tend to be as up tight about it as they tend to be about religion… Any new information is unwelcome. People are set in their ways. If they have made up their minds then you are not allowed to confuse the issue with logic.

    The movie What The Health touches on a lot of subjects. It’s not the type of movie you watch if you are not willing to to take responsibility for your choices. And it basically comes down to the realization that you and only you are responsible for your health. That is a biggie when it comes to the society and social structure that we find ourselves in. There is a lot of information in that movie that has been researched thoroughly. I highly recommend everyone watch it. They have a very strong, very drastic view point that they are trying to bring across and most people won’t agree with it. I’m not entirely sure I agree with most of it. But the beauty of any new information is that you don’t have to agree with it, you just have to be willing to think. Then you can apply your own mind, make decisions based on more than just the habits you have created for yourself and take responsibility for your choices.

    Nothing that has been thoroughly researched should just be put aside as “utter garbage” . When it comes to your health there is no such thing as too much information.