The outspoken Ntsiki Mazwai joins Gareth Cliff to set the record straight on some of her most frowned upon comments and gives her opinion on the state of the nation. This poet and singer tackles politics, how much progress we’re making and gives her take on Gareth’s recent controversy. The 35-year-old also touched on her personal life, including receiving a Rhodes scholarship and what sort of partner she’s looking for. This is definitely one for the books!


NtsikiMazwai11116 copy


#GCS 11.1.16 Pt3


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  • Mvume Mdidimba


    I appreciated this. There is nothing better than conflicting ideas being expressed in a calm, educational manner.

    Sis Ntsiki and Mr. Gareth, you both inspire me for different reasons. The common inspiration is your courage. Thanks!

  • Dalisu Terrence

    standing naked in front of someone is not professional in the first place, thinking that you are not gonna get any advances from a man while standing naked in front of him is delusional. That’s like a bank opening a sack full of money in the middle of the street and expect people not to get that money. Naked women is just not the norm just as sack full of money in public isn’t.

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