A petrol attendant manages to put himself through law school, and open his own firm. It’s Mandela Day so the team discusses what people would do for a ‘Zuma Day’ in future, then Pauli van Wyk reveals all around Brian Molefe’s Eskom golden handshake/s. R Kelly is being cringe again, Tess calls in with a cringe drinking story and Gwyneth Paltrow is flogging bullshit sex toys.




#GCS 18.7.17 Pt2

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  • AnneMarie van der Westhuizen

    Good show, long-time listener from Canada here… but Gareth will you quit with the Trump bashing already? Reeks of virtue signalling to me. The States have the best economy and job growth rate in years, way better than under your hero Obama. Get a grip please Gareth and get some REAL news for a change, as you obviously swallow the MSM narrative hook line and sinker. Apart from that keep up the good work.

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