No Mabale in studio so Gareth chats to the lovely Gabi Mbele about the social drama around Mzansi Magic’s ‘Our Perfect Wedding’. Shamed Bok supporter/field invader “Izak” speaks exclusively after embarrassing the nation, and Rich Mulholland enlightens and horrifies you with his latest Reality Check. Then, #InternetCentral adds more savvy to your tech use and the ‘Phonecalls’ feature adds even more craziness to enjoy.


Rich Muhallond copy


#GCS 29.9.15 Pt2

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  • Shalane Williams

    I don’t understand why they still charge to SMS…why not just make it free and unlimited. For example, when I was on pre-paid I would get unlimited free texts, 100 minutes and 1.25 gig of data…and that’s all for $20. When I was in SA and went to get a simcard, I asked what was free and I got the strangest look! Hopefully they’ll get with the programme soon!

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