A woman is suing Starbucks for a drink with too much ice, while obesity is a rival to HIV/AIDS as SA’s biggest killer, hear about these stories and much more during the news. Then, The Renegade Report hosts Roman Cabanac and Jonathan Witt discuss their online fundraising effort for a bullied waitress. Lastly – listen up, folks – Gareth has a few choice words on freedom and social media warriors.


DrWitt&Ramon3516 copy


#GCS 3.05.16 Pt2

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  • Michael Reed

    Cliff’s rant about political correctness was perfect. He hit the nail on the head and its so refreshing to hear a well-known South African share these opinions.

    In keeping with the theme I would love to hear an interview/ chat between GC and Milo Yiannopoulos who share similar view points but it s a Brit touring America college campuses.

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