07.09.20 Pt 1 – You probably should test your roommate’s reaction to pressure, because you may need them in an emergency. If you were to lose your dominant hand, which tasks would be impossible? Sisulu might be living in Nkandla-Lite. Your juice might kill you, be careful. Carole is ‘Baskin’ in her glory on the dancefloor. Don’t comment on certain people’s hair, you’re one click from hell!



Blood on the dishes

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  • Carol Berry

    Just want to say two things re your conversation this morning…
    I have to listen to the podcasts in the evening because I’m up and away early (school teacher)
    1. I made myself a scrumptious chicken curry pita, got all set for listening to the podcast, and then you guys started talking about maggots, blood, cuts etc (sorry about that, Siya) so I couldn’t fully enjoy my food – made a mental note to rather listen live in the morning haha
    2. I wish my morbidly obese colleague took the time during the lockdown to lose a ton of weight. But no, she hasn’t, so we all have to pick up the slack at school because she’s at home with a comorbitity. I actually think she’s got larger when she joins in for our meetings from time to time. I have serious issues with fat people with a cupcake in one hand and some ‘meme’ in the other saying accept me for who I am or whatever. Jissus! Rant over.
    Thanks for the good shows constantly, team. I love you all.

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