04.05.21 Pt 2 – Seems like Siya is the guy to go to when you want some intel about celebrity couples. What’s a show without Mbulelo talking about sport? But hey, we are not complaining because he is the expert. Gareth then chats to stunt performer and actor, DeVille Vannik.

About DeVille Vannik

DeVille Vannik is a professional stuntman, actor and producer. He studied acting and film at the New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts before moving to Los Angles where he worked as an actor and stuntman in Hollywood. DeVille has extensive experience in action design, choreography and stunt performance. He has stunt doubled for actors like Ethan Hawke, Guy Pearce, Shah Rukh Khan, and Richard Madden. DeVille has appeared in blockbusters like Maze Runner, Bloodshot, Chappie, Warrior, and Raised by Wolves. DeVille is a co-founder of Turbo Action, a collective of top-tier stunt professionals and filmmakers with a passion for creating story-driven action with a hearbeat.

Our latest project, Black Market Brawl, is set to launch in the next week. While our other short film project, The Stranger, was just nominated for a SAFTA award. The Stranger is currently doing the film festival circuit internationally and has already won numerous awards, including best drama film and best short film cinematography at the New York Cinematography awards, as well as best short film at the Venice film awards.




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Life of a Stunt Double