18.06.20 Pt 2 – If Lil Jon could ask the government if 246 beds was worth the economic lockdown of an entire country, he’d probably say “Lockdown for What?” Which State instruments are already in our lives – even in a free market economy? What is Advanced Lockdown Level 3? Snoring dogs are vital for podcasts to flourish. Why open cinemas if nobody is going to go?



Lockdown for what


  • Paulo

    If flu was reported the same way, I believe we would be in the same boat as we currently find ourselves.. “Coronavirus lockdown”
    I don’t remember the doctor/ specialist that said this “virus has already been in our bloodstream since 2019 and if we tested blood in blood bank stores world round we would see antibodies in these samples already”

  • Jan-Andries Smith

    The amount of comments this deserves is tiring just to think about. I wish there was a platform where it could be discussed without the fear of an online mob attacking you.
    It clearly seems to me that Siya has funds that few of us are privilege too, because it has been more than a month since I’ve realised that I’m more willing to risk the virus than face the idea of wasting my pension on a couple of months of doing nothing. So many arguments to make, like children having a better chance of dying from a taxi accident than covid19…but almost nobody checks up on the stats, they just buy into the crazy. But how about a very simple answer, everyone who wants to work, can do it with the available safety measures in place, and those who feel they don’t need to can stay at home where the are “safe”.

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