30.01.20 Pt 1 – January is the month of least money. Siya’s sister sent an 8 minute voice note… is she a monster? What should the limit be for voice notes? If you witness a hijacking, should you report it? Middle-aged women are the new hijack bosses, problem is they buy champagne with stolen credit cards. When Gareth dies he wants people to be sad forever. And if you hate socialising, get a MAGA hat!


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If you stand for nothing you will fall for anything. 😒 Please please please if you have a boy who has had to cut his hair short for school, can you send us the video of the cutting process and any info surrounding the trauma he may have gone through. We would like to share with the world what a negative effect these bad hair policies actually have on our children and even the way others then view them. Did you feel their relationships with other children suffered after the cut. We believe that having to cut ones hair can cause deep psychological damage, especially when done at such a Fragile age. Please comment or Dm me with your videos. 🙏🏽❤️ #androgynous #genderneutral #nonbinary #foreveryone

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MAGA hat & chill