17.09.19 Pt 1 – We all know that acquiring a driver’s licence in South Africa can be a bit tricky, but how many times did you take your test before coming right? And what obstacles did you face? The team share their stories. With all kinds of people around us, the team chats about some of the taboo things people do… from rituals to witchcraft. Gugu grapples with the idea of a pasta straw and needs an intervention.


The Military or Extreme Violence?


The Military or Extreme Violence?

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  • Keno

    The army aren’t there to Police, they are there to support the Police, our army is a peace keeping force.

    It is the same thing as them being deployed to the DRC on peace keeping missions, so they are there to try and keep the peace, they are not there to be a army killing people like they would if they were at war.

    Would rather have the army shooting criminals than have them out in the open and randomly shooting like they do in some areas.

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