She’s been a ray of sunshine, quirky one-liners and all-out fabulosity every week on the Blogger DiariesMary Lu first captivated our ears as part of the #Kellman On CliffCentral contributors and has left an indelible mark ever since. We decided to catch a quick conversation with this Durban-born personality.




Thank you so much for taking some time out to chat to us. Tell us more about yourself:

My real name is Mengyu Lu, born on 30 March 1989 and am feisty, honest and opinionated.


How was Mary Lu as a child? What did you want to do as a child?

I desperately wanted to be an air hostess. I remember traveling with my parents when I was as little as 3 and I really admired the air hostesses because they were so beautiful and groomed, plus they get to travel the world!


What does being part of ‘Blogger Diaries’ mean to you?

Coming from a strict family and where tertiary education is a necessity, I grew up with the mindset that I had to be a professional. Now that I’m an admitted attorney and having worked, I realised that there is much more to life than being in corporate. My hobby as a blogger quickly gave me other possibilities in life other than what I’m accustomed to and my segment in Cliffcentral really assures me that life has endless possibilities after you quit! It’s really awesome to step into another field and meet people who have completely different backgrounds to you. 


Who is your favourite designer? And what would you give to have them design an outfit just for you?

Zuhair Murad – I would ask him to design my wedding dress. 


Who would your celebrity BFF be?

Taylor Swift – I think she would make an awesome girlfriend and be the kind of friend who is with you through thick and thin. Plus, have you seen her squad? 


What is the one talent you wish you had?

I wish I could speak all the languages in the world! Is that even a talent though? 


Complete this sentence: SnapChat is…



Complete this sentence: Filters are…

…so 2 years ago. Are we seriously still doing Valencia in 2016?? Snapchat filters are cool though, you can be whoever you want! 


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Getting To Know: Mary Lu