Gilmore Tee talks to Independent Candidates – Nkululeko Nkala who is running for Member of Parliament and Natasha Karimakwenda who is running for Councillor ahead of the Zimbabwean Elections scheduled for the 30th of July.

The two candidates share on why they chose the route of being independent and not contesting under a party, why they thought this was the right time, and what people should expect from them should they win.

Conversely, Zimbabwean Designer Yolanda Ngwenya – who is on the US State Department’s African Women Entrepreneurship Program (AWEP) – shares on her experience in the USA.

Gilmore closes the show by playing MJ Sings x NiteFreaks’ new single, Love YeMali.



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The Gilmore Tee Vibe – Zimbabwean 2018 Elections: Voices from Independent Candidates