Halloween at CliffCentral


It was a bit of an unusual day at the office… especially when Casper de Vries brought in his ‘bag of tricks’ (costumes, props, make-up) and proceeded to transform Damon Kalvari.

See the pics in the gallery below!

We also have some things to steer clear of this Halloween (as heard on The Gareth Cliff Show):

1. Halloween isn’t an excuse for all girls to dress like skanks. If you don’t generally wear or look good in tight or revealing clothing during the other 364 days of the year, don’t use Halloween as an excuse to start.

2. If your age is in double digits, you are too old for trick or treating!

3. Wait until the kids knock on your door before you offer them sweets. Regardless of what day it is, there is a word for a person who ever says “Hey kids, come here, I have sweets…”

4. Be firm with those sugar-rushing little bastards, if one group walks over you, the rest will too and then you will be all out of sweets, and if you don’t deliver, children will set fire to your house!

5. Halloween is one of those few occasions where you can pretty much dress up with anything. But Hitler costumes still aren’t cool. Same goes for dressing up like Joseph Fritzel, an atom bomb or Oscar Pistorius.

6. Less is more, fun. Yes it looks cool if you use make-up and stuff to be a zombie or a Kardashian, but then you have it on all night and it becomes hard work to maintain.

7. Another reason for not going too elaborate on the make-up is if you end up staying over at someone’s place overnight. Morning breath will be the least of your worries here…


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