As always Dr Witt has health news with Katharine Child from the Times. Then Dr Joshua Landy, an intensive care specialist who has designed a medical app for doctors to share information globally joins him all the way from Toronto – Canada, to tell us about how it works. He also has Adele van der Walt, a lawyer who deals with medical legal cases, on the line chatting to us about litigation in medicine as well as litigation against health care providers.


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Learn about all sorts of medical stuff and ask the doctor about anything – nothing is too awkward for Dr Sindi to answer! All topics are tackled and discussed with various experts.

Dr Sindi has a BSc degree in Human Physiology and Psychology and also got her MBChB at the University of Pretoria in December 2005. She’s passionate about Primary Health Care, child and women’s health issues, and HIV – with a particular focus on Prevention-of-Mother-to-Child Transmission of HIV.

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