We know that you’ve been there since the 1st of May.
We know that as we’ve laughed, cried and at times vented, that you’ve been on the other end of the line, sharing in the conversation.
Because at the end of the day, we’re each other’s go to people.
Six months in though, we think it’s time we come face to face…

We want your face plastered across our walls, and getting your picture to us, is as easy as Kim Kardashian…

In WeChat, go to the CliffCentral account and upload a photo of yourself with #iamunradio.

On Twitter, include #iamunradio in your tweet, along with your pic.

You can also send them to us via Facebook.

Or e-mail [email protected]

All the photos will go into a draw and the winner will get R5000 cash! So get your best selfie face on and send it to us now.


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