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01.12.15 – Fibre To The Home

Rihana Hoosain from MWEB talks about how FTTH (Fibre To The Home) can help speed up your internet connection at a fraction of the cost you would think. From just what kinds of speeds you can expect, to how long Fibre has been in South Africa, Rihana covers it all. If you want to know if you have Fibre in your area visit MWEB.



27.11.15 – Travel Blogger Yulia Safutdinova

Yulia Safutdinova is originally from Russia but dubs herself a world citizen at heart. She is a travel blogger that runs and has over 58 000 followers on twitter. Jonathan Sinclair talks to her about why she dropped everything to travel the world, what her favourite locations out of the 47 countries she’s travelled to have been, and how the internet helps her keep in touch with her family, friends and followers while she is on the road.


24.11.15 – Live Streaming

With the likes of ShowMax and Netflix growing in popularity these days, Gareth Cliff and the team chat to Desmond Kurz from MWEB to get some advice on the streaming of series. The conversation gets to the bottom of what live streaming is all about and why high-performing internet connection such as Fibre is so important.


20.11.15 – I AM Chris Burkard

Chris Burkard has 1.2 million followers on Instagram and over 16 000 on Twitter, but besides those impressive numbers is a self-taught photographer and artist, based in Central Coast California, whose work is layered by surf, outdoor, lifestyle and travel subjects. He lets Arye Kellman in on some of the best destinations he has traveled to, and what it means to be a good photographer.


17.11.15 – Fibre

With the installation roll-out of fibre happening so fast, what does this mean and what is the role of the community campaigning to have it installed in their neighbourhoods? Gareth Cliff and the team discuss the benefits of fibre with Vumatel’s Giorgio Lovino.


13.11.15 – YouTube Sensation Matthew Gibson

25-year-old Canadian YouTube sensation MattG who has over 526,702 subscribers and close to 44,641,101 views on his channel joins Arye Kellman via Skype. He talks about the very first video he put online and how he took it down immediately afterwards, as well as what his mom and dad think about his online success.


10.11.15 – Best & Cheapest Connection for the Holiday Season

With the upcoming holiday season, have you figured out how to be on the road, yet still be connected in the best and cheapest way? Gareth Cliff and the team gets Rihana Hoosain, Head of Products from MWEB to help compare prices of data and maximize your bundles. From ADSL and WiFi benefits, this will help you figure out the best internet uses during your downtime this December.


03.11.15 – How Safe are you Online?

Gareth Cliff is horrified by the fact that some members of the team don’t know enough about how to secure their data – both on phone or laptop. Luckily Mweb is on hand to help with some basic and easy-to-follow tips… including how to prevent being hacked, ways to access your phone remotely, and what types of passwords to avoid using.


30.10.15 – The SKRWT App

Photographer and videographer Mathäus Jagielski has been busying himself with the capturing of imagery since the year 2000. After his family relocated to Germany, he started out filming skateboarding. He talks to Arye Kellman about this as well as an App he developed called SKRWT that helps take amazing pictures.


27.10.15 – Festive Gadgets – What You Need To Know!

With the festive season coming up and literally millions of gadgets available online, it’s easy to feel incapacitated by all of the choices. Don’t worry, Desmond Kurz from MWEB is here to help. From a 21st century pet, to a variety of smartphones, intelligent watches and 3D printers, Desmond tells you which ones are a good buy for your loved ones and how your pocket will be affected. Gareth Cliff is very interested in the rise of the 3D printer and how in the future you could possibly be able to print your own cheeseburgers, rebuild your car whenever you got bored with it and even build your own house in just a few days.


21.10.15 – The Devastator

Geoffrey Golden is publisher and founder of The Devastator, the only all-humour press in America. He is also the author of two bestselling novellas – ‘Frankenstein’s Girlfriend’ and ‘Snarkicide’. Joining the show from California, he and Arye Kellman discuss what being a comedy writer really means.


20.10.15 eSports

Desmond Kurz from Mweb joins Gareth Cliff and the team to explain the mysterious world of eSports. How physical are these activities? How much money does it generate? Millions are watching, even in live stadiums! Desmond mentions some of the more popular games and how they work. Does South Africa measure up globally, can our internet compete? eSports are not yet mainstream, but they’re huge and worth checking out…


16.10.15 Viral Video Sensation: David Moore

Arye connects with David Moore live from LA. David recently filmed, choreographed and edited an amazing piece of art on Segways to Justin Bieber’s ‘What Do You Mean’. He takes us behind the birth of this video that has gone viral and what it was like being acknowledged by Justin Bieber himself.


13.10.15 Finding your Family History

Gareth Cliff talks about how popular Genealogy is in the online space. He asks the team how much they know about their own family histories. Siya in particular is a real genetic cocktail! Researching this type of stuff is just one more great thing you can do with the internet.


09.10.15 YouTube Sensations: The Glam Twinz

With more than 30 million YouTube views on their YouTube Channel promoting the simplicity of beauty and grooming, The Glam Twinz Kelsey and Kendra Murrell are perfect examples of young Millennials using the internet to pursue their passion and promote their careers. They join Arye Kellman via Skype in Atlanta, Georgia and reveal what motivated them to start a YouTube channel. They also believe that their secret to success is and always will be – authenticity.


06.10.15 FON – Your Global WIFI Network

If having access to 18 million WIFI hotspots worldwide sounds appealing to you, then you’ll be interested to hear what Head of Product at Mweb, Rihana Hoosain has to say. The FON Network is a crowd sourced internet solution that allows you to share your unused bandwidth and in return you get access to all of the 18 million hotspots worldwide. It’s as simple as downloading the FON App on your phone, and then the connections can begin. For more information, visit


02.10.15 Living your best Instagram Life

Kalani Brooke Hilliker is an American dancer, model, and television personality. In 2013, she rose to fame competing in the Lifetime reality series ‘Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition’. She is currently starring in the Lifetime series ‘Dance Moms’. Kalani joins Arye Kellman for a chat about the joys of using the internet to connect with fans and to further one’s career, with more than a million Instagram followers and thousands of Twitter followers, Kalani can teach us all a thing or two about upping our social media games.


29.09.15 Tips for Better Wifi

Gareth Cliff chats to Desmond Kurz from Mweb about how to connect your home to wifi for a cheaper and better internet experience. How do you set it up? Des provides an easy ‘idiot’s guide’ – it’s even easier than you might think! How can you boost your wifi if your home is big? Gareth also provides a handy tip for remembering your wifi password. What is FON and what can it do for you? Desmond also explains how to have fun with your SSID… Gareth shares some amusing examples too.


25.09.15 Is the Internet good for us?

Arye Kellman speaks to novelist, satirist and screenwriter as well as one of South Africa’s funniest men on Twitter, Tom Eaton. He explains his process of writing, how he feels about certain issues and even accounts for some of the Tweets he has posted recently. More important than this, Tom speaks about his opinion on whether or not the Internet is good for us, he has a strong conviction that it is harming the natural state of human relationships, and that with great power comes great responsibility. Another important aspect that Tom emphasises is that Twitter and similar platforms are not the places to have arguments, he believes you cannot put forward a coherent argument in 140 characters and that the internet is just a lense that we use to view the reality of 2015, similar to the role that newspapers played in the 1940s.


25.09.15 FIFA 16

Arye Kellman is joined by Mweb’s Gaming and Digital Manager, Desmond Kurz, along with the Marketing Manager at Electronic Arts, Ralph Sprinks, together they explain what is different about FIFA 16, talk about the staying power that FIFA games have and they also expand on the new women’s team feature.


22.09.15 PWC Media & Entertainment Report

Gaming and Digital Manager for Mweb, Desmond Kurz talks to Jonathan Sinclair about the latest PWC Media and Entertainment Report. The report suggests that the video games market has grown 10.7% year on year from 2013 to 2014 and has in fact overtaken the music industry by a few hundred million Rands. Desmond also touches on the growth of social and mobile gaming, as well as the top 9 grossing iPhone apps in South Africa. Gaming is an industry that continues to grow and South Africa is no exception to this.


22.09.15 Business Essentials

Gareth Cliff and the team chat to Rihana from Mweb about what every small business needs in terms of the internet. Reliable connectivity is key.  Which is the best plan for multiple users? Businesses need websites, Mweb can help you reserve the domain name you want and get you up and running. Software is more affordable than you think – get all the info right here!


15.09.15 Data Usage

What uses the most data? Gareth Cliff and the team discuss the list from biggest to smallest. Rihana from Mweb weighs in and advises that your data package should be based on your personal needs. What about gaming? How data intensive is this popular hobby? Audio streaming and downloading podcasts is also looked at. How much does email actually cost? So many questions! Here are the answers…


11.09.15 – YouTube Sensation Vinny Vaillancourt

Arye Kellman is joined via Skype by Vinny Vaillancourt who met his husband online in 2006, after a long distance relationship spanning many years, they finally made it work, they also have a few million views on their YouTube channel. Vinny’s story is a prime example of the Internet being used to better the quality of human life and existence.


08.09.15 – The State of Cyberbullying

Gareth Cliff and the team chat to Rianette Leibowitz from SaveTNet about cyberbullying – which most often relates to children, but can happen with adults too. Rianette warns to always check the Ts & Cs! It’s important to be cyber-savvy, for yourself and your kids. What is online reputation management? Get crucial tips on how to deal with these issues.


01.09.15 – The Biggest Sites in SA

Gareth Cliff and the team chat to Desmond Kurz from Mweb about the top 10 sites in South Africa. Gareth teaches Des how to reveal the list in true ‘countdown style’. Which bank and social media network is the biggest? The number one isn’t such a surprise, but some of the others are…


31.08.15 – How has YouTube changed the Internet?

YouTuber, writer, talk show host and comedian, Taryn Southern joins Arye Kellman via Skype to answer the big question – “How has YouTube changed my life and the Internet?”


28.08.15 – Where is SA’s Gaming Industry At?

Justin Creasey of Agnomen Design joins Arye via Skype live from Cape Town, to give an overview of the state of gaming as an industry, in South Africa. From saluting game developers flying the SA Gaming flag high, to looking at what more can be done to aid in the development of the gaming industry, Justin gives an insight into this budding local industry.


25.08.15 – The Need for Speed

Gareth Cliff chats to Talking Tech’s Liron Segev about what makes a good, fast internet connection. Then Mweb’s Desmond Kurz advises how to check your ADSL speed and other options to improve it. Desmond also explains the difference between shaping and throttling, and what types of downloads are prioritised.



19.08.15 – Internet Pioneer Paul Jarvis

Arye Kellman is joined by a man who was way ahead of the internet trend and launched his web design business in the ‘90s, Paul Jarvis, joins Arye Kellman via Skype to talk about the power of the internet to change lives.



18.08.15 – Broadband in South Africa

What needs to be done to improve broadband in SA? Gareth Cliff and the team discuss what type of internet they use at home. Web specialist Arthur Goldstuck joins the conversation and compares ADSL, 3G, fibre and LTE, as well as the different speeds available and the costs involved… a price war might be looming! What are the benefits of fibre vs ADSL – how fast is it really and does it cost that much more?



14.08.15 – Using The Internet For Good: Mmabatho Montsho

Filmmaker, performance artist, web content creator and gender activist, Mmabatho Montsho joins Arye Kellman to discuss her career, her web series and the power of the internet to create positive change in society.



11.08.15 – Online Dating

Gareth Cliff and the team look at the most popular dating apps and sites… and some questionable ones too. How are people connecting online, is it pure hook-up culture or are they searching for relationships? Desmond Kurz from Mweb helps explain the habits and behaviour that is happening in South African cyberspace.



04.08.15 – Fibre-to-the-home

Gareth Cliff chats to Rihana from Mweb about Fibre-to-the-home – what is fibre exactly, why is everyone talking about it, how do you know if it’s available in your area and why do you even need or want it? Rihana explains all, including the process of how to get fibre in your home and live a connected life.



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