Blind History: The Great Greek Philosophers – Sign Language (SASL)

This sign language interpreted video has been adapted from the podcast ‘Blind History’ – created by and Taylor Blinds & Shutters.

Socrates, Aristotle and Plato are the fathers of Western (if not world) philosophy. Despite us knowing so little about their lives, they have an enduring influence on every aspect of our thinking and understanding. The university, the academy, the school… these things all come from the three great philosophers – men who actually lived, and knew each other. It’s time we got to know them.

Podcasts – by the very nature of what they are – exclude the hard of hearing community. In order to make it more accessible and share entertaining, informative and compelling podcasts with as many people as possible, CliffCentral is piloting a South African sign language interpreter video from the popular Blind History series.

This is a first-of-its-kind concept, created with Thuli Zikalala (one of twelve SATI accredited interpreters in South Africa).

The aim of the project to remove the barriers to information access and ultimately introduce new audiences to the world of podcasts.

This initiative is sponsored by Taylor Blinds & Shutters.


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