From worldwide trending topics, to youngsters making it big on the internet and women who are taking the world of space travel by storm, Arye Kellman covers all of this and so much more in Part 2 of #Kellman on CliffCentral. Kalani Brooke Hilliker is an American dancer, model, and television personality. In 2013, she rose to fame competing in the Lifetime reality series ‘Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition’. She is currently starring in the Lifetime series ‘Dance Moms’ and joins Arye for a chat about life, fame, career and social media. Arye is then joined by Caldwell Dyson who was a Mission Specialist on Space Shuttle Endeavour flight STS-118 in August 2007, she explains what life was like being off of planet Earth and what it was like to come back and return to normal life.

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#Kellman – Part 2 02.10.15