Established in 1999, SA Home Loans has been voted ‘Best in Home Loans’ every year since 2003. Regional Sales Manager, Yashina Maharaj chats to Lerato Tshabalala about why they are the best choice (instead of a bond originator).




Living It Up with Lerato – The Realities of being Financed for a Home Loan

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  • Mary

    I fear the speaker doesnt understand Mortgage Origination.
    It doesnt cost the consumer.
    There is NO rate differential between applying direct and via an originator irrelevant of the commission paid by the lenders.
    The originator submits up to 9 Banks and as each bank as their own rules and policies may achieve different results at different lenders and most importantly able to negotiate amongst the banks the lowest rates knowing what each bank is offering.
    Giving the consumer the opportunity to see what EACH bank in SA is going to offer.
    3 out 4 Mortgages applied via an Originator is approved.
    SA Homeloans themselves are contracted to an Mortgage Originator.
    I would suggest to any consumer, work with an Mortgage Originator and SA Homeloans and weigh up all your options before committing to a 20 year agreement.