Is hope a sellable product? Is it a skill? Is it both? Either way, some seem to have it and some don’t. Better yet, some seem to know how to use it, while others don’t know where to begin to find it. So people sell it to us in the form of motivational speaking, like Tony Robbins. You can’t even really map who will have it and who won’t. Sometimes hardship triggers it and sometimes it’s from a belief that your life is worth more than what your comforts can offer. Either way, Bridget Moema has it in bucket loads and so does her protégé, 2017’s Miss Inspire SA Teen 2nd Princess Letlotlo Matabane. You might want to buy what they’re selling. A mouthful I know, but a worthwhile mouthful at that.




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The Ma(i)de Sessions – The Commodities Market: Hope