The Samsung Launching People Mixed Talents campaign is a global initiative from the Consumer Electronics giant that brings together two experts in a series of 8 workshops, over 2 months, to address the issue of 35% youth unemployment In South Africa.

Each week we’ll have a guest in studio to discuss the problem, the approach, the progress, the possible solutions and how they will ultimately play their part in tackling this pressing issue.

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24 February 2016 – #MixedTalents Progress

Carol Koffman and Michelle Potgieter discuss the progress they’ve made with #MixedTalents campaign recently. As one of eight countries to launch this exciting initiative, the Samsung team have made great strides in engagement and have proudly come up with a technology-enabled solution to unemployment. They also touch on their partnership with METIME to fast-track people who need the help.

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3 December 2015 – Dr Michelle Potgieter

Gareth Cliff chats to Dr Michelle Potgieter (Director of Corporate Marketing and Communications at Samsung SA) about why Samsung decided to get behind the #MixedTalents campaign.


26 November 2015 – Is Entrepreneurship a Viable Solution to Unemployment?


Entrepreneur Carol Koffman brings in Mercy Fated and Manhla Ruselo to chat about Millennials and their opinions on unemployment. The conversation is centred around the #MixedTalents campaign to find out how the unemployment crisis has impacted them, some of the things that could help the unemployment rate and how to go about addressing the issue of unemployment. With Gareth Cliff facilitating the conversation, he finds out whether entrepreneurship really is a viable solution.


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19 November 2015 – Unemployment Solutions



With unemployment being as big as it is, entrepreneur and Senior Manager at Deloitte, Carol Koffman, provides solutions and approaches to look at to step in the right direction. She also has some motivation for people who are waiting for success to hit, as well as the truth in terms of accepting that most start-ups aren’t going to be overnight successes.


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12 November 2015 – Jonathan Liebmann


Entrepreneur and a member of the team behind developing Maboneng Precinct, Jonathan Liebmann, provides an update on his #MixedTalents journey. Liebmann also chats to Gareth Cliff about the solutions and insights that have come up thus far and why he believes this campaign matters.



5 November 2015 – Intro


The #MixedTalents campaign by Samsung kicks off with senior manager at Deloitte and entrepreneur, Carol Koffman and the driving force behind the rejuvenation of the Maboneng Precinct, Jonathan Liebmann attempting to address the issue of unemployment in South Africa. The global campaign which focuses on accelerating discoveries and possibilities had the expert pair chat to Gareth Cliff about the contribution they’ll bring, how technology and social media can help in creating more jobs and why entrepreneurship ISN’T the only solution to unemployment.






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