How do you reach customers, prospects and staff in today’s world that more than ever before is driven by constant, relentless change and new perceptions of value?

The good news is that the internet has unleashed the ability for every brand to communicate directly with its customers. In content marketing, the brand owns the media – it’s an asset.

Young people today have grown up with internet and social media as major means of communication and content consumption. If brands do not have an online presence, they may not exist for this target market.

Through innovative content marketing and communication strategies, together with PR as a powerful partner and social media marketing as the primary distributor of the content, an integrated and modern media plan may be implemented.

Instead of just pitching your products or services, it’s about delivering information/stories that makes your consumer more intelligent, inspired or entertained.

CliffCentral – your strategic partner

As a strategic partner for clients and advertising agencies, CliffCentral’s aim is to connect brands with a valuable, engaged audience, by creating authentic and relevant content and distributing it through multiple digital platforms.

By working collaboratively, let’s bring fresh insights and creative angles to craft powerful stories for your own media channels (as well as amplification through CliffCentral platforms). Together, we can increase brand awareness, educate audiences, position you as a thought leader, and build customer loyalty.

CliffCentral’s core offering:
• Strategic Consultation
• Content Marketing
• Communications (internal and external)
• Creative and technical production
• Social Media management
• Website development
• Public Relations, outside broadcasts and events
• Media Training

Let’s co-create! Email: [email protected]



Blind History Season 1 – Case Study: July 2019

A case study of season one of the successful Blind History podcast series – a collaboration between CliffCentral and Taylor Blinds & Shutters, which tells the lesser known stories of a variety of historical figures. Presented by CliffCentral’s Gareth Cliff and Taylor Blinds MD, Anthony Mederer.



The Interchange – Case Study: 2019

Case study for The Interchange podcast series. CliffCentral partnered with Absa and Tshimong to create a podcast which calls on some of the best university debaters to debate critical and controversial issues in South Africa, and Africa as a whole.



Howzit China – Case Study: 2019

Howzit China was a weekly segment on The Gareth Cliff Show, where the focus was on China’s history in South Africa, cuisine, language, opportunities in China for South Africans/opportunities for China in South Africa, and more.



Jeep Renegade – Case Study: 2015

In 2015, Jeep joined forces with CliffCentral to unveil the new Jeep Renegade, culminating in a live launch on CliffCentral’s rooftop.



#AramisBlack Launch – featuring Mi Casa: 2015

Mi Casa performed an intimate live performance on the rooftop of the CliffCentral studios as part of the #AramisBlack launch.


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